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Trainer Name: Samantha Bowman

Locations: Springfield, VA, Woodbridge, VA, Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Burke, VA, Fairfax, VA, Lorton, VA and Fairfax Station, VA

Certifications: Precision Nutrition, NASM CPT

Specialties: Beginning and Intermediate Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Weight Loss, and transformation.

Favorite Activity: Bodybuilding

Read Samantha’s personal transformation story in her article:


“I always wanted to learn more about bodybuilding and the actual “how to” sculpt the body. At 41, I thought it was too late. I went into to look for insight, programs, something that can get me on the right track. I was tired of the cardio and walking around aimlessly from machine to machine that the front end person at the gym put together for me and everyone else in the gym. As I scrolled through, somehow I stumble across an article and the title caught my attention “The forty something that lost 40 pounds in 10 months,” but the pictures were more impressive. Her story did something within me, I felt the need to reach out. I sought out her email to compliment her and explain how she inspired me. I soon realized that she was somewhat close, outside of DC, about 130 miles. I asked if she meets with people to guide them. I was willing to drive to wherever and pay what she requested for guidance. So for three months, I drove 2 hours, work out, and drove 2 plus hours back (getting through DC during rush hour).

Samantha was amazing. She put together a basic framework of meal plans, supplements, and routine. She suggested meal prepping. This was new to me. Meal prepping? She showed me her refrigerator of packaged food she prepared on Sundays and Wednesday only. I only have to cook twice a week, I had died and gone to heaven. She explained the benefits of weighing food, having protein bars, eating protein every three hours, value of egg whites as pure/natural protein, whey vs. casein, probiotics, krill oil, and multivitamin. She had me use, explained the benefit of watching my macro intake, provided baselines and goals to hit.

As far as workouts, she broke them into basic body areas and days. As I have it ingrained in my head: Day 1 Back and Biceps, Day 2 Chest and Triceps, Day 3 Legs and Day 4 Shoulders and Abs. She stressed form. Weight amount is important, but form is more important to prevent injury. Aiming for the 8-12 reps per set, raising weight. I loved that I walked in the gym to do something different every day, which motivates me and gets me excited. As a woman, I was always focused on weighing less, she changed my mindset. She explained body composition. Lost only 3 pounds on the scale, but lost so much fat and gained 14 pounds of muscle. It was crazy to change the way of thinking, I no longer focus on the scale numbers, but watch my body tighten and new muscles emerge J Much more exciting than watching a scale.

This is such a short summary of what she did for me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Samantha. She is an inspiration, great role model and has a beautiful soul. I could have hired a trainer close by, but something about her story, I trusted her because she was within my age range. I believed in myself that I, too can do this. Thank you, Samantha, for changing my life. Forever grateful.”

-Rebecca Zawisky, Harrisburg, PA

“Working with Cass Fitness, and Samantha in particular, has been a wonderful experience so far. Samantha has been on point with her professional demeanor. She is timely and organized, and most importantly, fun to work with. I have only had about two weeks of lessons and can already see some incremental results.”

-Sarah F., Alexandria, VA

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