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Now you can get the benefits of a one on one workout with a CASS Fitness Personal Trainer no matter where you are located! The CASS Fitness Online Personal Training Program, you will receive a customized monthly workout plan based on your goals. Along with your personal trainer, you both will be able to design and follow your workout plan and get RESULTS! Our online training software can be used either on your smartphone while at the gym or in the comfort of your home on a personal computer. We will track and graph your progress as you workout and make sure things are moving according to plan. You will always have access to your certified personal trainer and if you are having issues, we provide videos and descriptions on how to properly do the exercises. All these features and your entire routine available right from your mobile device!

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Remember this is not just your standard at home fitness video, your trainer will review your progress online and make adjustments to your plan when necessary.

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Our certified personal trainers specialize in a number of different fields, such as weight loss, fat loss, strength training, bodybuilding, sport specific training, corrective exercises, flexibility, endurance training, and more. We will fit you with the best trainer for your specific needs.

Monthly Customized Program Features

  • Fully customized monthly personal training plan – Full
  • Changes in your monthly plan as needed
  • Unlimited email or app support (through Trainerize)
  • 15-30 minute accountability call every month
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle
  • Trainerize software membership

Personal Training Option 3: All Digital Personal Training Sessions

  • One on One Personal Training Sessions (1 hour sessions)
  • The same benefits as in person training (Motivation, Customized programming to help you reach your goals, ensuring your safety by teaching proper form and watching for it during your sessions, and full accountability)
  • Unlimited email or app support (through Trainerize)
  • Access to CASS Fitness Videos
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle
  • Trainerize software membership


Contact or call 202-941-8942 for more info!  Email or Text the keyword “Let’s Go!”