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CASS Fitness offers a variety of personal training services through our certified personal trainers to fit your specific needs.


One on One Personal TrainingYour trainer provides one hour training sessions based on your availability and location. The majority of our clients have our trainers travel to their home, apartment gym, office gym, or local park, which in turn takes away the time consumption of traveling to a gym, allowing the client to fit in an action packed hour of workout no matter how busy they are. CLICK HERE to read more about One on One Personal Training!

Online Personal TrainingIf you do not live near a CASS Fitness personal trainer, there is no need to worry. You can still get the results and expertise from one of our trainers as if they were right next to you. You still get a customized workout based on your goals, injury history, and training location. CLICK HERE for more information about Online Personal Training!

Group ClassesCASS Fitness Certified Personal Trainers teach in a small group (2-4 people) or a large group (10 or more people) setting. The small group training is very similar to one on one training as everybody gets an individualized workout plan. The large group classes are typically taught at office gyms for corporate wellness programs. We also teach outdoor classes primarily between May and October. CLICK HERE to read more about Group Training!

Here is what some of our clients are saying about CASS Fitness:

“Enitan is an outstanding trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone, no matter what training level you are at. He is extremely knowledgeable about many different kinds of training methods and workout routines and always arranges a diverse workout. In addition, his constant and addictive optimism and upbeat personality make sessions with him very enjoyable. He is super easy to communicate with and is able to meet me at the gym in my building.”

– Owen C., Washington, DC


“The support that Matt Bible has provided for me over the past year has helped me reach seemingly impossible goals.  I’m currently down 59 lbs since we started in October 2016 and I have no doubt, with his continued support, my ultimate goal will not only be achieved but maintained.  Matt is always professional, always punctual, always enthusiastic, always patient, always reasonable with goal setting and always jumps at every opportunity to cheer you on.  I emphasize “always” because all of the above is what Matt brings to the table during each training session.  He personally practices what he preaches and it’s obvious that he sincerely enjoys helping others better themselves. He understands the struggle. That’s exactly what you want in a coach on a challenging journey.  Take Matt on your personal journey!  You won’t regret it, I promise.”

Kari J. – Gaithersburg, MD

You can read more testimonials from our clients HERE!