06 Feb 2018

A lot of people prefer passive rather than active recreation. As a result, a person has a low-level lifestyle, and this fact can be the cause of various diseases. Today we will talk about the benefits of active recreation. Active rest involves the presence of physical activity that does not cause fatigue.
Many believe that if a person is busy with physical work, then one does not need active rest, but this is not true. Most often at work, we perform monotonous actions which negatively affect the nervous system. For someone, an active vacation can be even a trip to the cinema or a concert. To call such a way to spend free time with full active rest is difficult, and even experts are not unanimous in this matter. We can say with confidence that rest should be diverse. Here you have some statements about this:

  • Scientists have proven that during the active rest the body can recover much faster than during the passive one. During this period, you feel positive emotions, and this is beneficially reflected in the work of all systems of the body.
  • Any active rest helps to increase the risk of injury, but now we are not talking about extreme sports. In the first case, the presence of physical activity is assumed, which does not pose a danger. The second type of rest, which can also be considered active, is primarily aimed at the release of adrenaline and the likelihood of injury, in this case, is very high.
  • Due to active rest, physical activity increases. This allows you to maintain high muscle tone and promote mood. This is one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle. No less important advantage of active rest is to receive a large number of positive emotions.
  • Although for a large dose of adrenaline are usually engaged in extreme sports, but any activity contributes to the release of this hormone. Recall that adrenaline has properties that help accelerate the metabolism process.
  • Physical exercise is a great way of distracting from everyday worries that are many in our lives.

Active rest is useful at any age, which is very important. It should be remembered that there are many types of active recreation. This allows each person to find the most suitable kind of recreation for themselves. You can choose something extreme or vice versa, calm, but necessarily with physical activity.

Active Recreation for Health

In a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit, and it is unwise to disagree with this. How does health affect with the rest, I think that in most cases it is positive, there are, of course, some exceptions, but in general, an active holiday is a holiday for our organism.
In modern society, the body in which this healthy spirit is abundant, so often you will not meet. Everyone will certainly begin to say that it is the fault of the whole ecology, the lack of time to deal with oneself, but in most cases, we are the cause of our misfortune.
People often forget, or just mistaken, that it is necessary to stick out half a day in gyms, exhaust themselves with diets, etc. In fact, keeping ourselves in tune will help us rest and whatever he was active.
There are interesting things, people who have an active lifestyle, live longer, many have probably seen funny old men 90 years old who cheerfully climb the mountain, or grandmothers who jump in a parachute in 75 years. Most likely, the secret of the benefits of active rest to a person lies in adrenaline and the hormones of happiness all this affects us favorably.

It should also be noted that your holiday should be to you if a person goes just ‘for a company’ and does not feel any joy, then he will not benefit, and the body will be more swearing on fatigue, discomfort, and many other factors.

How to feel as Cool as Cucumber

Active recreation is the most effective way to get energy. It can combine communication with nature, exercise sports in the fresh air, filling with positive emotions and communicating with positively-minded people. There are many types of active recreation: hiking, training, paintball. The outdoor activities become wider spread all around the world. Almost every town has own paintball field nowadays. You should find a company and equipment, and that’s it. To find the best outfit, you can look through top paintball guns.
Every person can pick up for himself that kind of active rest, which he is closer to using the Internet. At special sites, as well as in online towns, where like-minded people and friends. Take for example water kayaking. After you select a route and walk through it, you will see with your eyes the beauty of the river, get acquainted with the historical places, and get a charge of energy from the water and feel the water element. In addition, you will acquire skills of rowing on kayaks, overload excess weight, if any, and give a load to your muscles and emotions.

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