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Getting Back to Basics for Nutrition in Fat Loss

  We want results and we want them fast! Sometimes you can get them fast, but at what cost? Sometimes, it is a marathon, because we did not get to a point where we were not happy with our weight overnight either. We look at diet after diet, and sometimes people ...

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Is Exercise or Nutrition more important for weight loss?

A very common question I come across is whether exercise or nutrition is more important for weight loss.  Well, the answer has multiple parts. In short, nutrition has more impact. It is easier to reduce 500-700 calories in your diet than it is to burn 500-700 calories in a workout ...

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New One Hour Nutritional Consultation Option Available!

We are proud to announce our new one hour nutritional consultation option. In this one hour consultation, you will get a full breakdown of how to count calories and track macro nutrients. You will learn how to calculate your resting metabolism rate (RMR) and your lean body weight (LBW). Another ...

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