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Gaithersburg, MD, Rockville, MD, North Potomac, MD, North Bethesda, MD, Potomac, MD, Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Washington, DC (Northwest), Kensington, MD, Olney, MD, Germantown, MD, Derwood, MD, Silver Spring, MD
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach – Level 1

Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Aerobics, Building Lean Muscle, Fat Loss, Circuit Training, Endurance Training

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL from Andy V. of McLean, VA


“The support that Matt Bible has provided for me over the past year has helped me reach seemingly impossible goals.  I’m currently down 59 lbs since we started in October 2016 and I have no doubt, with his continued support, my ultimate goal will not only be achieved but maintained.  Matt is always professional, always punctual, always enthusiastic, always patient, always reasonable with goal setting and always jumps at every opportunity to cheer you on.  I emphasize “always” because all of the above is what Matt brings to the table during each training session.  He personally practices what he preaches and it’s obvious that he sincerely enjoys helping others better themselves. He understands the struggle. That’s exactly what you want in a coach on a challenging journey.  Take Matt on your personal journey!  You won’t regret it, I promise.”

Kari J. – Gaithersburg, MD

“I have worked with Matt for over a year. Not only have I seen a drop in my body fat percentage, but I have gone from trying to catch my breath just going up a couple flights of stairs to running up and down stairs at full speed and going straight into cardio moves such as the Plank Jack with energy to make it through a whole hour of working out. His cardio routines are exhausting, yet they are exciting and also focus on full body strength. In addition, I enjoy his circuit style strength training sessions that emphasize all muscle groups. Although Matt’s workouts are tough and he pushes me to my limit, he does a great job of knowing physical limits for my safety, and he is a lot of fun to be around!”

– Hattan Alsh
Assistant Director for Political Affairs, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia


“Matt is an excellent trainer. He lives, breathes, and eats fitness, which is hugely motivating for his clients. Working out with Matt is never dull, because he’s great about not repeating the same workouts each session. He also does a good job of explaining why he has you do certain exercises and has a good eye for proper form and execution. I also think Matt is a great conversationalist and so keeps your mind occupied on an entertaining story rather than the pain! And he definitely will not let you get away with anything that keeps you from achieving your fitness goals. Training with Matt may be the best investment you can make in yourself and I highly recommend working with him.”

– Meredyth Krueger, Arlington, VA.


“Matthew Bible has helped me immensely in my efforts to be more physically fit. Over a six month period working with Matthew I have been able to see increases in all my personal records. Some of my measurable gains include increasing my bench press maximum from 205lbs to 315lbs; I can run a 5k in 25 minutes, which is down from 37 minutes and I have gained muscle, but lost 10lbs! His workouts are not limited to the standard gym norms, a fact that I both love and hate! We do varying styles of planks, pull-ups, floor bridges, push-ups, and some exercises that can only be shown and not explained, these creative exercises are odd but I cannot argue with the results! Matthew is there working with you every step of the way and making sure that not only are you doing the exercises to your full potential, but that you are also doing them correctly. I highly recommend Matthew as a friend and a personal trainer!”

– Ramon T. – Engineer


“I met Matt down in Charlotte while training for the NFL, Matt gave me tips and pointers that I still use today as a professional football player. Matt was very passionate about his work and body. Matt trains as hard as us football players on his own and that’s the type of trainer I need!”

– Bobby J. Rome – QB, Moscow Patriots


“I trained with Matt for my first personal training experience. I went in knowing what I wanted to improve and work on, also hoping to get a better understanding of my body and how I can improve my lifestyle to make it a bit healthier. I was a bit nervous since I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was thinking the worse like: he was going to be really hard and tough on me, make me feel anxious or awkward, or even not feeling comfortable at all. That was not the case! He was great! He has a wonderful character and is super nice. I felt very comfortable during the session which was one of the most important things for me. I can tell he knows exactly what he doing and is very knowledgeable which made me feel like I was in the right hands. Fitness seems like his passion and he keeps up on the latest nutritional research and news. He is also very aware of my goals which we are strongly working on, my habits, metabolic type, and physical abilities. Why did I wait so long to meet him and start training? It is so much more beneficial than going to the gym and doing the same old work out each time. He provides different techniques and settings each time which I loved! Really great investment-not just to improve your lifestyle and physique, but to also gain a great friend in the process!”

– Danielle Natkin, Germantown, MD


“I’ve always had trouble getting motivated to workout. I called upon Matt to help me get back into shape after noticing that I was gaining weight and lost all motivation to go to the gym. From day one Matt brought a spark back to my workouts and I’ve completely seen the results in just a month of being trained by him. He is well educated in health and fitness and if I have any questions, he is right there to help guide me in the right direction. I am happy that I found not only a great fitness instructor but a good friend as well.”

– Edward Perlson, Gaithersburg, MD


“Matt was fantastic! I got my boyfriend three sessions as a birthday gift and Matt was so great that he bought another 25 sessions with him. I highly recommend Cass Fitness!”

Sheri S. – Rockville, MD


I started my fitness journey my freshman year of high school as a member of the cross country team. I was never gifted at sports…NOBODY wanted me on their basketball team. However, in middle school, we were tested on the one mile run. I would always get first place. At first my goal was to get one of those cool looking Letterman Jackets with some pins attached (I thought the ladies would’ve liked it, anyways). I also wanted to participate in a sport I was actually good at. There was a lot of hard work and discipline that went into being a successful cross country runner. I had some skill, but that wasn’t enough to conquer 5K races. I knew I also had to work harder than most people since I was not athletically gifted. Motivation is what got me to finishing first place in several races. Motivation is what made my coaches believers after I walked pretty much the entire last two miles of my first race ever. I ended up almost breaking a school record in the mile run for track with a time of 4:50.
After high school, I discovered strength training. I wanted to do something about my toothpick frame. I definitely made some positive gains. I also didn’t really have any direction. I would work the same body parts out daily with little gain and lots of fatigue. I also let my ego get in the way, as I put too much weight onto exercises, compromising my form. Then, along came the injuries! After my recovery, I hit another hurdle…the Penn State Main Campus lifestyle. I sprinted past the freshman 15, and gained 40 pounds in one semester. I didn’t completely stop working out, but I lifted weights maybe twice a week with no cardio. I took advantage of the buffet style eating with meal points at my dorm cafeteria. I also consumed lots of alcohol and pizza as well. By the time I was 190 pounds, I became scared I would reach 200 pounds. I knew unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, and lack of exercise were my contributing factors. How to solve these problems were the pieces of the puzzle I had yet to solve. I had no personal trainer. I had little to no guidance.


It was time for change. Sure, I was only 20, but my family has a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I lost my Grandfather the year before to complications with diabetes. I saw how diabetes overtook his life, forcing him into painful kidney dialysis, in addition to getting one of his legs amputated. I knew lots of people who lost family members way too early to ailments that are preventable. I focused on going to the gym at least four times a week. I walked on campus instead of taking the bus (even when it was cold, which in State College, PA in January was a guarantee). I did not lose any weight, however, I did not gain any more weight. What could possibly have been wrong? Well, even though I cut out most fried foods and high fat foods, I did not know anything about refined sugars, simple carbohydrates, and empty calories. I would eat a half big bag of Baked Lays, for instance. I would eat fat free salad dressing, yet it had high fructose corn syrup, added onto the cheese, croutons, and other condiments I slapped onto my salads that were keeping me from losing weight. I didn’t have much focus in the gym. I socialized more than I worked out. I figured going was enough.


However, I was going to work at Cedar Point Amusement Park a second summer. I did not want to spend my days off at the lake wearing a shirt in the water. I made a goal to lose 20 pounds over the summer. However, the simple fact that you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume in a day, held very true. I did not have a car, so I ran two miles to the gym, did a workout, then ran two miles back to the dorms I stayed at. After that, I worked 12 to 14 hours a day walking around outside. I barely thought of food. I would’ve lost 20 pounds, if I followed a proper diet. I went to the other extreme, and lost 20 pounds in three weeks. Eventually, I lost 50 pounds that summer. I may have eaten 1,000 calories a day, which is not healthy either.


After my weight loss at Cedar Point, I dedicated time every day to learn new exercise routines and proper diets. It took me a while to fine tune everything, since I still had no guidance. I eventually eliminated simple carbohydrates, sodas, and fast food from my lifestyle. I also briefly took diet pills, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST taking. Food is truly the best medicine, in my opinion. The diet pills made me dizzy and jittery. The upside was that I only gained 10 pounds of muscle to keep myself around 155 pounds. I have maintained that same weight for the past ten years, except for losing some weight during my lower back injury, which was unrelated to weight lifting, but a direct result of a weak core, bad ergonomics at a job, and terrible posture.


I suffered the lower back injury about six years ago. There were days I could not walk, and I was mentally defeated for a time. However, once I mentally convinced myself I will bounce back from this injury and be in the best shape of my life, I applied myself to rehabilitation and training. The rehabilitation helped me overall. I became stronger than ever, lowered my body fat count to 7%, and began leading friends and other people in workouts. I went from not being able to picking up a pencil at a few points to deadlifting 400 lbs while weighing 155 lbs.

In 2013, I decided I wanted to pursue a personal training career after I was spending most of my free time giving advice to people in regards to health and fitness. It took a couple more months for me to make that jump to get certified. Also, the obesity rates in the United States, and seeing people suffer as I observed people in everyday life, knowing they don’t have to if they had the proper guidance, hit me emotionally. Going into the fitness world seemed like a perfect fit. I already had a passion for fitness, and I know firsthand how it changed my life. It grew my self-confidence, it gave me more energy to take on the physical demands of everyday life, it helped me recover from a major injury, it kept my blood pressure at a perfect level, it helped steer me away from bad habits, it relieved my stress, and it has made me a better person overall. I already know once you experience the benefits of an effective, yet fun fitness routine, combined with a proper diet, you will want to continue with your new, improved lifestyle. Seeing weight loss and body fat loss is a benefit I enjoy making a reality for clients. More recently, I completed my NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) certification. It showed me the true meaning of “Sports Medicine”. The exercises I learned help to heal people of their injuries. That is just as rewarding to me as seeing weight loss and/or fat loss. I have primarily been doing one on one and small group fitness training, primarily to help my clients lose weight and body fat, but more recently I have been teaching HIIT and Boot Camp classes for a business in Crofton, MD and as part of the Parks at Walter Reed Redevelopment project in Washington, DC.