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Allegheny County, PA – Willing to travel throughout the most of the county

Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Strength Training (Beginner to advanced levels of fitness)

Hello and pleasure to meet you.  My name is Matthew Griggs.  I’m an NPC Bodybuilder, but first I’m a husband and father of three kids.  Through the grace and blessings of God, I’m able to pursue my bodybuilding career, and also help others on my journey.  I have been an athlete all my life, from midget wrestling to high school football.  I picked the weights back up after I became a shocking 235 lbs, all belly, and slowly developing health problems.  What did I do to change myself? I mentally went back to my old athletic days, used that old fire, and determination to achieve the look I have today.  Not only do I look good, but I feel better than I look.  That is the goal I would like to share with you through CASS Fitness!