CASS Fitness, is a subsidiary of Clear Answers Smart Solutions, LLC.

We are a personal training company based in Gaithersburg, MD, servicing the Washington, DC area. Our certified personal trainers will work with clients of any race, religion, or gender and a wide range of age groups. We believe great health and fitness is a key to a higher quality of life! We strive to not only make our workouts effective, but we make them innovative, fun, and challenging.

Our certified trainers have obtained vast knowledge of different exercises as a result of constant study and research within the fitness industry. Our trainers are qualified and practice the very concepts they teach. CASS Fitness will train you at your apartment complex gym, your home (with or without equipment), or your local park.

We understand that budget may be a concern for many individuals. We promise to work within reasonable guidelines in order to facilitate budgetary needs. Our personal training sessions in many cases cost less than personal training sessions would at your local gym. In addition, we travel to you, this makes your sessions convenient, and also saves you time, no matter what your schedule is.

Any comments, complaints, concerns or questions can be directed to the following email address:

Thank you for doing business with CASS Fitness! Let’s Go!