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Carmen Tucker-Griggs
Wellness Life Coach, Consultant, Certified Behavior Change Specialist (BCS)


A Message….

As an Individual, I’m committed to living my life fully both naturally and spiritually, without compromise or settling for someone else’s definition of what that looks like for me – including my nutritional choices. As a Wellness Professional, I am dedicated to providing the same approach with professionalism, compassion and transparency. You can’t effectively understand and know who you are if you are allowing your obstacles to define you. Many times, even our health issues can create a paradigm where we start seeing ourselves as an extension of our conditions and not as empowered individuals with a choice to proactively manage our lives. We can become needless casualties, suffering because of the lack of knowledge and understanding. I began my journey into life coaching because the need for change is necessary. Support is essential in defining a healthy environment for oneself and many people often find this process difficult. Many challenges come when facing the possibility of transformation in an environment that remains misaligned and perpetually unchanging. I commit to serving my clients through continual research, education, application and interpersonal exchange. My individualized approach developed out of my desire to assist others as they embark upon their path towards wholeness….

Carmen’s Background

Carmen Tucker-Griggs has earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Dance and Journalism and Communications. Her education has not only provided her with an opportunity to train some of our brightest young adults at the university level but has also blessed her with the privilege of serving as a teacher, organizer, advocate and liaison in various inner-city communities. This invaluable experience as well as her own journey through chronic illness, has been the impetus for her ministry in helping others understand the importance of managing one’s health in today’s stressful society.

Carmen is a Wellness Life Coach and Certified Behavior Change Specialist (BCS) – a trained wellness professional who identifies the client’s greatest barriers and implements the appropriate individualized techniques and interventions necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  She is also an Educator, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Healthy Life Enthusiast. As a retired Dancer and Certified Aerobics Instructor, she has over 35 years of experience in the Performing Arts and Fitness Professions.

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.” 3 John 2 (NLT)