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Isaac Spence

Manassas, VA

NESTA Certified Fitness Trainer, AFPA Nutritional Consultant and Wellness Coach, NESTA Certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor

Muay Thai, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Large Group Training, Strength Training, Building Muscle, HIIT Training


“Isaac is a very dedicated, motivating, caring and realistic fitness coach. I had personal trainers in the past, and make no mistake, Isaac is the real deal. He is a personal trainer/coach that goes above and beyond to help you achieve your personal goals, always reminding you that change is a process, and you are only competing with yourself. Several times he has given me a pep talk, because I was ready to give up, and pushed me to keep going. Besides the moral support, Isaac is knowledgeable about physiology and nutrition. There is no question that Isaac knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind and soul.  He also knows how to deal with different injuries and sensitivities. A couple of times he modified my workouts and helped me stretch properly. He is incredibly knowledgeable, listens carefully to you, and will support you on your journey with a 360-approach. He can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, and you have yourself an all-in-one solution that is worth her weight in gold. Isaac is hilarious and always insightful, and adds a fun element to every workout to keep me motivated and working at my peak. Plus, he makes sure to remind me that proper nutrition, rest and training are an investment in my physical and mental health. “

Ania – Arlington, VA

I was born in Southeast DC, but I grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland. I got started in nutrition when I worked for a company called D Muddy Mutt, specializing in dog and cat nutrition. I worked with them for two years before going to college and then I worked an additional three years with them after I left. I went to college to become an art graphic designer.

Some people ask me why am I working in nutrition? I always answer by saying nutrition is a true passion of mine and it is the art of the body. To perfect your nutrition is to perfect your body. I am currently working for the Vitamin Shoppe. I have been working for The Vitamin Shoppe for about two years now. Making the switch from animal nutrition to human nutrition was not very difficult at all because there are a lot of nutritional facts that stay the same.

My certification as a Nutritional Consultant and Wellness Coach was completed through AFPA. I have been working with different people ranging from athletes to the person just trying to lose a few pounds. Several of these people have had special dietary needs and preferences I have been able to accommodate.

In August 2015, I joined CASS Fitness as a Health and Wellness Consultant. I look forward to helping our clients achieve their health goals. I know that health is their most important asset so they can thrive not only in their workouts, but in all other aspects of their lives as well.

Most recently, I became a certified personal trainer through NESTA. I have been teaching group classes and training clients one on one.