06 Jan 2018


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Your habits make your daily lifestyle fit and healthy.
Whether the first thing you do in the morning is going for a jog or you make yourself a sugary cereal. Both are the habits which give a start to your body and mind. And all the habits you have make up your whole day. These habits by their nature are somehow constant for most people, altering them or developing new ones is difficult.
Fortunately, there are so many apps in today’s world which can not only make you live in a more healthy way but also help you improve your sleeping, eating, and exercising habits. These apps are amazing for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Here are top 5 apps which can help you stay fit and healthy:
Track Your Running with Runkeeper
Runkeeper is awesome to keep a track of your runs. It records the whole running experience, the amount of distance you cover while running and the calories you burn on daily basis. It also helps you in keeping notes of all the computable causes that affects every run, allowing you to get an impression in sometime of what is good and what is harmful for your running experience. This app is so good that after using this app for a while, you will definitely have so much information on how fine you have been running that you will have a natural craving for running.
Keep a Check on Your Calorie Intake with MyFitnessPal
Following what you really eat in a day or week can be a really useful tool for creating nutritious dietary patterns. In any case, a large measure of nutrition applications out there pushes you toward specific diet plans. So instead of helping you eat more healthy food, they move you toward no-carb or no-fat weight control plans.
MyFitnessPal, on the other hand, is decently different. It just tracks what you’re eating, it is easy to-utilize as it shows the amount of calories any food have which enables you to set your own objectives (all alone or with the assistance of a nutritionist) and afterward to know whether you’ve met them or not).

Select Food Items With ShopWell
Another of the hardest parts of following a good dieting plan can be purchasing the correct food items in any case. ShopWell causes you do that. What’s more, as MyFitnessPal, is amazing as it simply provides the application information on how you’re attempting to carry on with your life and it’ll enable you to select your grocery accordingly.
Rest Better with Runtastic
There are quite a lot of rest applications out there that do fundamentally a similar thing: effort to track your sleeping as well as those factors that impact how you rest. This one emerges however in light of the fact that, similar to the Runkeeper running application, it really urges you to record the outside elements that intrude on your rest, so you construct a total photo of your resting ways after some time.
Meditate with Headspace
My undoubted top choice as a meditating application is Headspace. In any case, in case you’re attempting to build a meditation routine for your mental health and calm, Headspace has many points of interest. Most useful among them is that it prompts you to reflect on each day without getting irritated and helps you to regulate your mood.
All the above stated apps are available both for IOS and android mobile systems.
Hope you liked these applications. If you have any more interesting apps in mind, do comment in the comment section.
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