20 Jul 2017

Exercise is a great way to work the muscles, use sugar stored in the body, and to help regulate body weight. However, working out in the gym can be monotonous at times. This is where the swimming pool comes into play.

Water-based exercises are easy on the joints. You can also get a better workout in the water due to the increased resistance and surface area of the water compared to the air. So, here are 5 in-water exercises that will help you stay fit:


    1. Jogging. Many joggers tend to take to the water in an effort to train their leg muscles and also to improve their time and endurance. The resistance of water makes for an ideal strengthening situation and an hour long run in the pool makes you work much harder than an hour long jog on the treadmill.
    2. Bicycles. Lower abdominal exercises are great for strengthening your abs. Bicycle kicks are performed while hanging on to the edge of the pool and then kicking outward. You can reverse the direction in which you pedal in an effort to change the way your work. Try doing repetitive sets until you feel fatigued to maximize your lower ab workout.

    3. Bicep Curls. You can do normal bicep curls in the pool using special pool weights. The water’s resistance will help you gain muscular strength and can also help in your upper body movement. Just make sure that your entire motion of bicep curls is performed underwater.
    4. Hand Punches. All you need to do is imagine that there is a punching bag in front of you underwater and start performing fast-paced punches. This will strengthen your arms and core and will also help you burn calories quickly. Punch as fast and hard as possible for an entire minute and follow it up with one minute of rest. This is a great exercise for increasing your fitness and stamina.
    5. Squat Jumps. Since water provides more resistance while you’re working out, this one should be a good exercise to raise your heart rate and to workout your legs. Even though water helps you to float, when you lower your body to a semi-squat position and then jump immediately, you work your legs in a great way. Perform three sets of 10 squat jumps and increase your reps gradually to workout your muscles well.

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