20 Jul 2017

It does not matter how old you are and what is your body shape, the following are the five of the best exercises you can ever do and of course they bring countless benefits for you. Have a look at them:

Swimming is one of the greatest exercises you can do in your lifetime. Swimming comes with a huge number of advantages, and this is the reason behind why it is so special. It involves an intense work out for your arms and legs, and it can shape your body in less than no time so you must give it a try. It is safe for people of every age; even if you are pregnant swimming is absolutely bump-friendly. You can go for water aerobics if you are looking for a healthy weight loss exercise.
Strength training

How can we forget about strength training? It is genuinely a great thing that you can do in all the stages of life even if you are old even if you are pregnant. Strength training is an amazing exercise for people with cardiac disease; it works very well for the lungs as well. It improves the circulation of oxygenated blood in the body, and it improves the quality of the skin. If you can’t manage to go to the gym regularly, you can perform strength training at home. Just get a pair of adjustable dumbbells, and you are good for a start.
Morning and evening walks

Once again, let’s go back to the old times when people were unaware of the modern exercises. Walking is an old remedy for many medical problems, and it is still one of the best exercises you can ever do. It manages your weight. It helps in lowering the cholesterol. It comes with an ability to strengthen the bones, and it lowers down the blood pressure as well.
Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are not very traditional and famous but they great because of their multiple benefits. It is the finest exercise for people with bladder issues. It can strengthen our body muscles especially the ones in the pelvic region. So add kegel exercises to your daily routine and enjoy its incredible benefits.

Meditation is not actually an exercise, but it is something close to that. It is another beneficial thing you can add up to your everyday routine. Perform meditation on a regular basis, and you will notice improved mood, better health, and glowing skin. It is quite advantageous for your psychological well-being as well.
I hope this article helps. Stay safe!

One thought on “5 of the best exercises you can ever do by Ida Jones (Guest Post for CASS Fitness)

  1. Actually walking meditation let’s you enjoy all of the mental benefits while adding some physical benefits as well.

    Personally, I see the mind and body not as 2 distinct systems but as one integrated process. I would counsel one to employ both meditation and physical exercise, and better to do a little everyday than a LOT once a month.

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