23 Jan 2018


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If you think you can give informative health and fitness advice, then it is the right time for you to start your online business as a fitness blogger. You just need to keep in mind that online market is already loaded with a lot of fitness coaches and bloggers. In this article, we will tell you the 5 tips for a successful health and fitness blog. Let’s check them out.
1. The focus of your blog should be clear:
When you start online blogging business for health and fitness coaching, you should be aware of what is your main focus point and where will you lead your clients in future. The main focal point is the leading key of your online fitness business.  You need to give something of value, or make a course like a 30 day challenge to help get your audience fit.  Things like these work now in this digital time. You should know the scope of your blogs and what type of audience they help.
2. Be yourself and be the best version of yourself:
Fitness coaching or healthy blogging doesn’t require only exercise knowledge, but it also demands some motivation.  You not only have to know how to program a workout for yourself, but you may need to help Joe the accountant, who just wants to lose weight, and has shoulder issues, or Mary, who wants to fit into her dream wedding dress, and has back problems.  Make sure you pay attention to your new clients, and get them results.  These are the basic things which you should keep in mind after starting your online fitness coaching program.

3. Make a calendar for every client:
When you start to give someone online training, you need to make a calendar for every client. If you will not make a schedule or calendar for every client then it will be too difficult for you to remember every client’s routine. The human memory may not remember the data of 30 customers and which customer has a certain nutrition plan. Try to plan at the start of the month, it will be more convenient for you.
4. Engage your audience on Social Media:
Social media is the biggest platform for the online marketing industry because without engaging people on your social media, you cannot expect to grow an internet based business. You need to make some attractive posts and it is recommended to post relevant motivational quotes to encourage your clients and readers.  Use Instagram and Snapchat daily when you do your online classes.
5. Create a strong team:
If you have decided to start your online business as a health coach or a blogger, you need to create a team to accommodate growth.  You can never do anything all alone and you need key players to start your business. Your team should consist of members with different talents.  It can consist of your image editor, someone with an SEO background, etc.

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Ryan Adrian is a business writing coach. He is on the mission to make boring business blogs more sparkle. He follows all new business trends. In his free time, he loves being outdoors. You can read his latest posts on http://smartvirtualassistant.com.au.

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