23 Jul 2020

What if you can go on eating all the foods you love without worrying about an enhanced waistline? What if your tummy always stays flat even if you do not follow any diet and exercise? It is only a dream; in reality, whatever you eat, will show on your body, particularly in the midsection. Protruding belly, broad waistline, and heavy hips are the common problems of most people. 


You need to stay away from the C-R-A-P or cocktails, refined products, additives, and preservatives along with it.  


Say ‘NO’ to sweeteners or added sugars, processed foods, and greasy fried meals if you want that belly to shrink. Here is a list of 6 foods that you must avoid to get a flatter tummy.


  • Corn

Consuming an excessive amount of anything can be unhealthy. This not only goes for fried food but even for something like corn. It is fattening food due to its high calorie and sugar content. It contributes largely to visceral fat as it contains sugar in fructose form, which results in weight gain and stores fat around the liver and belly. 


Consume whole grain corn like sweet corn and popcorn in smaller or moderate amounts. You can have it with some other fats or proteins for minimizing its glycemic effects.



  • Red Meat

When you are trying to shed the excess fat from your tummy, you need to choose a low-carb diet and boost your protein intake. But getting proteins from the wrong source might backfire and result in more belly fat. Thus, staying away from red meat is wise. 


Meat is a healthy part of the diet as it supplies the body with lots of proteins for the production of new muscle cells and maintaining energy. Nevertheless, processed red meat, high in their saturated fat content, is bad for your abdomen. Try sticking to lean proteins like turkey, grilled chicken, and fish.


Moreover, you can opt for supplements like trenbolone that can help you in losing weight and getting fit. It not only helps in overcoming breast cancer in women but even prevents water accumulation and storage of female-type fats in the abdomen, waist, and hip areas. It does not cause any side-effects and can even be useful in deterring major adverse bodily conditions. 10-20 mg of this supplement every day can fetch you the ideal outcome. 



  • Soft Drinks and Potato Chips

Unhealthy snacking is something you need to avoid, especially the chips, as they have a lot of salt. Salty snacks contain not only hydrogenated oils but also sodium, which promotes water retention. They result in increased cholesterol, thus contributing to heart disease.

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Soda or soft drinks are sweetened using artificial sugars. They also contain corn syrup that is rich in its fructose content. As per studies, soft drinks with artificial sweeteners and chips with artificial salt and additives can result in intra-abdominal fat. Even diet chips and sodas do not help in making any difference. So, it is better to drink fruit-infused water to get rid of the toxic substances from your body and enhance metabolism. 


  • Full Cream Yogurt


Yogurt is eaten across the world for its probiotic content that helps in reducing weight. But very few people know that it is dense in its calorie content and is not as advantageous as it is considered to be. 1 cup of full cream yogurt consists of 170 calories. So, it is best to have fat-free versions that have 120 calories.


The best fat-free breakfast option would be one cup of unsweetened yogurt with 15 raw almonds and one cup of berries.

  • Refined Grains

Refined grains are one of the greatest enemies of a flat tummy. Grains like white rice go through different stages of manufacturing, which further reduces their nutritional value. People thus feel less fuller even if they consume them in large quantities. 


Such foods also increase blood sugar levels in the human body, which in turn enhances the ability of the body to accumulate and store fat. It is better to avoid rice altogether. But if you can’t stay without your portion of rice, then opt for brown rice. 


  • Bread 

A freshly baked bread is your go-to food, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do you know that it contains plenty of dense acellular carbohydrates that increase weight? It is better to replace your bagel with a bowl of fresh fruits or other protein-rich foods. You don’t have to ban bread from your life. Opt for the whole-grain variety as it is more nutritious and does not add to the tummy fat. 


Giving up on dieting just because you are not getting the desired results will not help. You have to be particular about what to eat and whatnot. You have to be patient as everything takes its own time to work. 


Better lifestyle and better food habits can surely help you have a flat tummy. Work on this, and make your dream come true within the shortest time!



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