09 Jan 2018

Pregnancy is the most precious period of time for every woman. Pregnant women cherish their every moment in order to make the pregnancy memorable and unforgettable. It brings immense joys and excitement as it the great bounty for every woman.  Some of the dos and don’ts that every pregnant woman should follow in order to keep them as well as the baby healthy and fit are as follows:
Dos of Pregnancy:
Have a Wholesome Diet:
The first and the foremost thing that every pregnant woman should focus on is the balanced diet. You should start practicing a balanced and wholesome diet just after the confirmation test of your pregnancy. A profound diet with all the essential elements of vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and good fats will make your pregnancy smooth and keep you fit and healthy.
Quality Food:
Some women just eat whatever comes in front of them while they are pregnant. In order to keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy, you should prevent yourself from eating a large quantity of food. Instead of eating food in quantity you should focus on eating quality food which is free from pasteurization and has all the essential elements which you might need in the pregnancy.
An effective workout is benignant for every pregnant woman as it enables the proper blood flow in the body. As long as your doctor prohibits you from working out you should do at least 30 minutes normal exercise daily during pregnancy. You can play with the little children by helping them bouncing on the trampoline, read here in order to do physical activity.
Practice Yoga:
If you want to be fit and healthy during pregnancy then you should practice yoga as much as possible. Practicing yoga while pregnancy is good for the health of the mother as it keeps the mind fresh and body healthy. Yoga is the best exercise for the mind as well as for the body.
pregnancy vitamins
Prenatal Vitamins:
Even if you are eating a wholesome diet you have to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. If the gulping of the giant vitamin tablets is horrible for you then you can take chewable tablets also.
Schedule Proper Routine:
Pregnancy makes you sway from the daily routine. You should schedule everything during your pregnancy. Performing every task on time will enable you to sleep better.
Keep Yourself Hydrated:
In order to remain fit and healthy, you should keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 96 oz. of water daily.

Don’ts of Pregnancy:
quit smoking
In order to keep yourself healthy and fit, you should avoid drinking alcohol as it is dangerous for the health of the mother as well as for the baby.
Taking Caffeine:
You should prevent yourself from taking too much caffeine as it is harmful to the health of the mother as well as of the baby.
You should totally prohibit yourself from smoking in order to have a healthy and fit baby. Smoking will have a severely negative impact on the health of the mother also.
Junk Food:
You should avoid eating junk food.
Harmful Rays:
You should avoid the encounter of ultraviolet rays, X rays, and other harmful rays.
Tap Water:
You should drink impurities free boiled water in order to remain healthy and robust.
Sauna Bath:
Hot tub bath and sauna bath can raise your body temperature therefore, you should avoid it during pregnancy.
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John and Sophie are a happily married couple with 2 kids. They enjoy outdoor activities together and healthy eating. Their love for trampolines is eternal and they believe that they are both fun and a healthy exercise. They ritually write on Trampolines Co.

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