26 Nov 2013

This article is targeted to long distance runners.  As you may know, I am no stranger to long distance running myself. I ran cross-country and long distance events in track.  I was skinny as a rail, but I was on the larger side for a cross-country runner.  (I think all those push-ups I did in high school when my coach caught me swearing helped out a bit!)  I always did more than just run, even though I did not become dedicated to strength training until I stopped competing in long distance events, then I just ran to stay in shape and I kept my endurance at a high level.  I had a routine for my abs, not nearly what my routine is now, but having little knowledge at the time, it did the trick, and I ALMOST saw a six pack! I also did push-ups, even for fun.  I feel as a direct result of some strength training, there was a correlation as to why I stayed relatively injury-free in distance running.  I won’t count the IT Band injury that slowed me down my last month of junior year, because I was an idiot and did not stretch after a race in 40 degree weather.  I know one of the biggest reasons some long distance runners do not strength train is they are afraid increased muscular strength will slow them down.  However, that is far from true.  The link below is a great article I came across and it gives you 10 detailed reasons why distance runners should strength train.  It’s not telling you to become a power lifter like Mark Henry.
However, it does discuss injury prevention, an increase in your speed and kick at the end of your race, as well as the ability to decrease body fat at an even greater rate than running alone, just to name a few points of article.  Let’s prevent injuries so you can do the thing you enjoy doing the most and that of course may very well be running!
READ HERE about the 10 Reasons Why Runners Should Include Weight Training In Their Weekly Routine!

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