11 Nov 2018

So, let’s talk about skin, AKA the largest organ of the human body.
As of now I have divulged to you all about the coming of baby Jenna and my attempts to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy.
Months 1-3 were a struggle not only with adjusting to sleep deprivation, but baby acne and dry skin. It’s also appropriate to say that my husband has suffered with eczema his entire life. I knew that the skin disorder was hereditary and she did have a chance of carrying the gene.
Day by Day, I noticed the dryness of her skin from the peeling of the vernix to the first signs of her baby acne. Through all of this I kept watching her movements, noticing when she scratched her shoulder or leg, or showed the slightest signs of discomfort.
When she turned 3 months I noticed her precious skin was often dry and flaky. I was frustrated because of the constant pain I saw my husband in, I did not want my child to suffer the same fate. I decided to dig deep with some personal research on eczema and soon realized 2 key factors I was missing.
1) Sealing moisture into the skin
2) Fortifying and strengthening the immune system with proper diet.
Isaac told me once that his grandmother used A&D Ointment to keep his skin from getting dry. It was important that I used a strong ointment for Jenna’s skin, as a heavy layer was needed to last longer. This worked well, but the magic only started when I learned how to seal moisture. This is done by applying warm water to the skin after bathing and directly applying the ointment on top of the water before drying.
It seems weird but it worked. Almost overnight I saw that the ointment would last longer. Now after lasting only the entire day, the ointment would last 2 to 3 days before I had to reapply.   Just one problem, her skin would still continue to suffer from dryness.
So I decided to use my new found knowledge of the immune system and begun formulating meal plans to incorporate Jenna’s diet. Check out my list of super foods for the immune system, and skin.
1) Bananas have potassium, zinc, vitamin A and B
2) Pears are packed with antioxidants that help sustain a healthy gut or immune system.
3) Sweet potatoes have high amounts of beta carotene which is essential for healthy hair and skin
4) Apples have vitamin C to build collagen
All four of these foods are inexpensive, highly accessible and were easily converted into mushy baby foods that were also delicious if I might add.

My mastermind started orchestrating a plan. I decided to pump 4 oz. of breast milk and freeze them overnight until I had 12 oz. My husband and I bought on can of Gerber organic sweet potatoes, pears and bananas.  As well as Motts all natural applesauce. 4 oz. of breast milk and 4 oz .of each flavor, mixed and liquefied with our Ninja blender would produce 2 bottles.
Throughout the day I would breastfeed and then before bed give Jenna a smoothie and kiss her to sleep.
Over time I noticed she did not have many bile movements, but instead 1 per day, which was heavier and darker in color than previous times. She was sleeping longer through the night, and staying fuller longer.
“Hello baby Jenna!” I said to her while picking her up and snuggling with her in my arms. I noticed something wonderful. The dryness on her legs seemed to smooth out. Her hands and feet no longer flaked but had a softness like that of velvet. And her face glowed now when she smiled. Of course every mother believes her child to be beautiful, but that day I saw my child’s skin in its healthiest and only get better with consistent careful planning of her diet.
I’m writing this article because so many mothers are frustrated with baby acne and baby eczema. There is hope and a process to alleviating the situation even if the cause is hereditary.
Next month I will be trying coconut milk and oatmeal in my diet as it is a great source of collagen as well as adding some to her smoothie mix as she is now 5 months. I now want my entire family including myself to have clear healthy skin so we can walk in our best life.
Live Healthy one day at a time.


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