18 Jan 2018

Since times immemorial, cannabis consumption is a social ill, and is highly disregarded from all aspects. Cannabis, from all times, has many alternative names, such as marijuana, weed, pot, ganja, and many other code words. The consumers of cannabis are observed and reported to be in a web of several diseases and many life-threatening ones too. However, with the passage of time, the harmful drug has been discovered with components providing medical treatments. The main component is CBD, which is a short form for Cannabidiol. The oil is extracted from the medical cannabis herb with CBD present in it and used for medical purposes, providing the benefits as discussed in this article.
The CBD oil has proved a great natural pain relief. Researchers have stated that CBD oil contains no psychoactive components of marijuana that results in reduced chronic pains, arthritis pain and muscle pain. Moreover, CBD oil is also used to treat antipsychotic effects. Researchers are studying and observing the receptors located in the brain that could help them learn about how CBD oil can treat neurodegenerative disorder. These disorders are diseases that are related to the brain and the nerves inside the brain, which declines with time. Researchers are also studying the CBD oil for the treatment of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, strokes and many more.
Not only this, CBD oil is also beneficial to help reduce anxiety. Studies have found the elements in the medical cannabis herbs with anti stress and anti anxiety relaxants. CBD oil helps to reduce anxiety by reducing stress, inducing sleep in case of insomnia, reducing psychological effects of anxiety; such as increased heart rate.
Furthermore, CBD oil is a great treatment for cancer! Studies have found that the elements in CBD oil helps to slow down and halt the growth of cancer cells in the part(s) of body that they attacked. Not only this, CBD oil has proved to be a great help for acne! Along with reducing, the inflammation from inside the body, but the oil restricted the activity in the glands that produce sebum, which is a natural oily substance that comes on top of the skin causing the problem of acne.

With the race against time, the introduction of any prevailing or newly found discoveries, not only pave ways for further destruction of the upcoming generation, but also carried the medical benefits that need proper attention and highly qualified handling to bring out the best out of it. Cannabis is one such example, and it is surprising and no less than a miracle to see the medical properties that come with what is, till date, regarded as a social and cultural misfit.

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