22 Apr 2018

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, some people will go to extreme lengths to ensure it goes ahead without disturbance. But, for others, sleep is not high on their list of priorities and some people can function on as little as a few hours per night.
Here is a very quick look at some of the most bizarre sleeping habits among the rich and famous. Keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases these sleeping patterns are deliberately created routines. Regardless of the hour and how comfortable the high-end Nest-Bedding mattress is, the famous people below have a routine and follow it rigorously.
1.) Donald Trump
The President of the United States of America and multi billionaire business magnate sleeps, typically, between three to four hours a night but sometimes only gets as little as 90 minutes.
2.) Elon Musk
One of today’s most famous names in business and technology, PayPal co-founder and Tesla owner Elon Musk sleeps between 1am and 7am. What is unusual, though, is that he would often sleep in the Tesla factory near the production line.
3.) Eminem
The American rapper covers his windows with tinfoil to block out the light and is rumoured to play white noise on his speakers, helping him sleep better when travelling on tours.
4.) Winston Churchill
Arguably Britain’s most famous and war time Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a sporadic sleep pattern and would take a two hour nap each day at 5pm. He was known to work throughout the night with the help of this nap.
5.) Arianna Huffington
The Greek American founder of The Huffington Post puts all of her electronics on charge outside of her bedroom, takes a bath in Epsom salts and lavender oil and then reads a book until she dozes off to sleep.
To learn more about some truly unique and bizarre celebrity sleeping habits, check out our infographic below!
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