02 Jan 2019

By now, you must have already known how sitting in a prolonged manner can have some dire consequences not only to your posture, but ultimately to your health. Various publications have done studies and elected just how such popular position can be disadvantageous to your well-being especially if you’re in it for an extended time.
Today, we’re not going to just be heading into an unpopular territory to prove to you how sitting can benefit your health and fitness, we’re also bound to expanding your knowledge by providing you details on just how exciting it is to sit and to stay fit.
The key if you must know is creativity. With creativity and matching movements, these regimens won’t only tone your muscles but should also make such position worthwhile.
Here now are the simple exercises you can perform while sitting:
1.) Chair Pushes
Chair pushes are the exercise that you need if you plan to work on your upper-body muscles such as the triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulder muscles. Your core muscles should also be benefited from this workout.
Note: This exercise can only be performed if your chair comes with wheels which should be on a surface that easily allows the chair to scoot.
How To:
· Sit in the middle of the chair with your back situated away from the backrest.
· Lean slightly forward right until your chest is two inches away from the desk.
· Grab the desktop with both hands at shoulder width. Ensure that your elbows are bent along your sides.
· Push out until your arms are almost fully extended, with a slight bend right in your elbows.
· Finally, pull yourself back to the starting position.
· Perform 10 to 15 reps daily.

2.) Leg Straightener
This workout is best if you’d like to engage your quadriceps.
How To:
· Sit in a manner in which your body is slightly forward and away from the backrest.
· Lift one leg at a time. The leg should be about three inches off the ground.
· Tighten your leg muscles and hold this position for five to 10 seconds.
· Relax.
· Repeat twice on both legs on a daily basis.


3.) Cheek Scrunches
One of the most accessible exercises in the list, cheek scrunches can also be performed while you’re driving or simply commuting right on a bus or even train. Practice safety at all times.
How To:
· In your chair, sit up straight with both feet on the ground. Make sure that your feet are flat.
· Next, tighten your glutes or the muscles on your buttocks for five to 10 seconds.
· Relax.
· Perform five to 10 reps twice on a daily basis.

4.) Pelvic Tilt
Still not satisfied with your abs? Perfect them while sitting by performing the pelvic tilt workout. This is noted to aid your flexibility relative to the tasks that you do every day which include lifting and reaching.
How To:
· Sit right in the middle of your chair with both of your feet flat on the surface.
· Arch your lower back with your butt sticking out.
· Keep both of your hands on the desk. Ensure that your legs won’t do the movement. During this step, be mindful on how your abs are working.
· Slowly, pull your hips beneath your stomach as you bring your butt back underneath. Think of it like you’re doing crunches.
· Hold for two to four seconds then push back to the original position.
· Perform this sequence for 10 to 20 times a day, three to four times.
5.) Foot Alphabet
Should your toes, ankle, and feet need some work, the foot alphabet could very well address such need. The exercise is known to provide ankle strength and flexibility on your feet and toes, inadvertently benefiting your Achilles tendon as well while doing so. Meanwhile, those who’ve been doing this for quite some time have also noted that the exercise is doing wonders on their toes which have just been bunched up inside their shoes.
How To:
· Whenever feasible, slip your feet off your shoes.
· Sit straight in the chair with both of your feet on the floor.
· Raise one foot and ensure that it’s high enough that you can swivel across all directions.
· Using your big toe, attempt to write the alphabet.
· Repeat this sequence with your other foot.
· Spread and curl your toes as you do so.
· Perform this if you may for two to three times a day.

People can’t help but fall into that trap of sitting in an extended manner. And when they are absolutely immobile while doing so, this is when an intervention must come through. Thankfully, the simple exercises we’ve collated above are just well enough to counter such unpopular position and do you some huge favors in the process. And when done right, these could prove advantageous not only to your posture but to your overall wealth as well.
Alternatively, if these exercises may be a bit distracting for you, you can also try an under desk bicycle pedal or an elliptical machine. The best ones are out on the market now!

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