07 Jan 2014

We at CASS Fitness are excited to introduce a new category into our articles. We will be showcasing the exercise of the day! Today, we are showcasing a challenging lower ab exercise made famous on P90x.

This exercise is called the Fifer Scissors. It can be grueling on its own, let alone as part of the Ab Ripper X DVD. However, it targets the lower abs very well and is something you need to ad to your abs and core arsenal. We sell a nice firm, comfortable mat here:

Here is how you do the Fifer Scissors: Lay on your back and lift one leg six inches off the floor. Bring the other leg up to 90 degrees. Remember to keep that leg as straight as possible with the bottom of your foot facing the sky. Do scissor kicks and remember to pause before switching legs. Keep the leg that is not in the air at six inches off the ground. Your feet should not touch the ground. We recommend 3 sets of 10-12 reps with each leg. If that is too easy, then increase it up to 25 reps per leg. You can also lower your leg more slowly for an increased eccentric workout. In addition, this would be a great exercise to use with ankle weights.

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