05 Feb 2014

Spring break is closing in upon us slowly. We had a taste of 50 degree weather in Washington, DC last weekend after our brutal cold spell. People are starting to think about how they will look in a short sleeve shirt. You want to work your biceps. You need a great exercise that compliments the standing barbell or dumbbell curls you are already doing. The preacher curls are that exercise. This is the same exercise where CT Fletcher commands his muscles to grow in the colorful language he is known for. You can concentrate on one arm at a time with a dumbbell, or you can use a barbell as seen in this picture below.
Barbell preacher curl
Preacher curls concentrate on the brachialis and the short head of the biceps brachii. You will feel the burn around on a slightly lower part of your arms than you would with standing curls. Remember to bring the weight up to your chest just like you would for a regular curl. Then bring the weight all the way down, fully extending your arm to truly benefit from the exercise. These can be done at your gym or even at home with a Preacher Curl Bench.
If you like to arm wrestle, then preacher curls will help you win your battles. Preacher curls are great to incorporate once in a while into your workouts. However, we encourage a variety of upper back and biceps exercises to give you the overall strength training benefits you have been looking for. Have fun and try preacher curls today!

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