19 Jan 2014

Okay, we are digging into our sense of humor on this article! We are sure many of you can relate to the frustration of at least most of the items on our list of top 10 gym pet peeves. We always instruct our clients (no matter what kind of fitness establishment they are working out at) on how to be courteous while working out. 

1.) When somebody grabs weights and starts exercising right in front of the rack:
In the words of the Miz: “Really? Really? REALLY?” Let’s forget the fact there are ten other people trying to use the twenty weights that someone is BLOCKING because some people are simply too lazy to drag the 60 lb weights, they can curl for ten reps, a mere 10 feet away from the rack.

2.) Curling in the Squat Rack:
There are plenty of other places to curl. Squat racks are limited in most gyms. They are meant for exercises like SQUATS and dead lifts just to name a couple. You have to love when the gym is at an off peak time, not one curl bar is being used, and you STILL see people do this.  Most likely anybody who squats would be highly annoyed by patrons curling in the squat rack. 

3.) Hey Hollywood, your call can wait:
Not only are you sitting on whatever piece of equipment for five minutes without any form of exercise and prohibiting other patrons from using it, your body is cooling down and relaxing, increasing the chances you will get injured.   Don’t worry, your call can wait. Hopefully your girlfriend is not going anywhere!


4.) People in perfectly good health going 2.0 mph on the treadmill:
Treadmills are at a premium during peak hours. Is there any logical excuse (if you are perfectly healthy) to be going 2.0 mph for 30 minutes? You walk faster than that in real life. Not to mention, the extreme boredom factor has to be kicking in, and you are getting very little, if any results.

5.) The people who know how to clear a room:
Okay, we’re working out. We’re not supposed to be smelling flowery, but you have to know that you absolutely reek! It’s not hard to slap on some deodorant and wear fresh clothes every time you workout. You don’t want to know about the germs you are spreading to other patrons and to yourself by wearing the same thing everyday without washing it. Maybe it is a secret weapon to clear people away from the treadmills so they can catch one at 6:30 PM on a weekday, especially when some people (see #4) are taking their sweet time.

6.) Our bench is drenched:
Awesome job! You’re working up a sweat! Clean it! It takes 10 seconds. We shouldn’t have to clean the surface we are about to workout on BEFORE and after we do our sets. We don’t want to get sick either, so we’ll do volunteer janitorial work.

7.) There’s a 100 lb weight in the 10 lb section!
This just starts the domino effect. Then all the weights are out of place. Maybe some patrons forgot the sign only had one ‘0’ not two. We’ve had tougher times finding the proper dumbbells at the gym than we have finding Waldo.
8.) Interrupting someone in the middle of their set to share the equipment.
We don’t mind sharing if it’s busy. Please do not interrupt us when we are in the middle of the set. It throws people off, plus they lose concentration, possibly sacrificing their form, and potentially causing injury. We’re thinking of the hook of that one famous Ludacris song when this happens.

9.) Excessive public displays of affection:
Awww, we get it, you’re in love! It’s great to love! However, does there really need to be making out in between sets on the leg press or while rowing on the rowing machine?  We’ve seen it happen when there’s lots of people around. Signs point to a slightly insecure dude in the gym who thinks if his girl goes somewhere else in the gym, she is going to get hit on, which may happen, but usually these people aren’t spending their time actually working out anyways. However, if your girl is somebody who can be trusted, there would be no need to worry. In reality, most people don’t care. While a female might be eye candy, most people are there to get a workout and better themselves, tending to block out distractions.  Most people who are hitting on every woman in site at the gym probably commit some of the other pet peeves mentioned on this list as well.

10.) Dropping the weights after your set
This one’s more prevalent in high school gyms. This should be pretty self-explanatory as to why this would get under almost anyone’s skin. Not only does it damage the weights, you look like a complete moron doing it. It may get you kicked out of certain places. 

So, this is our list. Some of you may agree with these. Some of you might not. A very important lesson for your clients is showing them the proper etiquette. Remember, what your clients do in the gym are a reflection of you. While some of these situations are pretty obvious and should not require teaching, some of these pet peeves on the list are done just because somebody does not know any better, like how some people do not know what lane courtesy is in bowling.  Wherever you work out should be a place where you de-stress, not add more stress to your life.

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