25 Nov 2013

The name of this workout is pretty self-explanatory. The CASS Fitness “Workout From Hell” Circuit is a creation developed by myself and Ramon. It is influenced by our mentors in personal training, as well as Ramon’s amateur wrestling background, and my love for pull-ups, dips, and planks. It is not easy, but it is rewarding once you finish the circuit. It is not for the beginning client, but it something you can strive to accomplish, and we will help you through every step. You can increase the difficulty by adding reps to a particular exercise, slowing down the speed of the exercise in the negative eccentric phase of your rep, or adding weight to certain exercises. You want to do this circuit with a partner. In this circuit, there are very few breaks. The only breaks you get are when you are throwing the medicine ball to your partner while he or she is doing the overhead sit-ups on the decline bench. Also, you get lucky and have another small break if your gym only has one pull-up bar or one set of parallel bars to perform your dips.

Make sure you properly stretched, preferably using active-isolated stretching methods. In addition, you are warmed up with light cardio, leg swings, arm circles, bridges, etc. While you are not lifting heavy weight, you are doing a LOT of physical activity in a short period of time. Here are the steps of the workout, if you dare to try it.

  1. Perform 50 pull-ups.  Do as many pull-ups as you can in each set.  If that’s too easy for you and you are a pull-up pro, try doing Close-Grip Pull-Ups or try attaching weight to a chain or a belt.
  2. After the pull-ups, do 3 sets of dips until failure.  Again, you can attach extra weight to a chain or a belt to make the exercise more difficult than it already will be.
  3. After performing the dips, you will go into squats.  Perform 150 squats with 40 to 50 pounds (20 to 25 lb. weights in each hand).   If you are new to this type of workout, start at 100 squats.  Use dumbbells and switch from holding them in each hand to the side or putting them on your shoulders so your arms do not completely tire out.
  4. You will do 150 push-ups next.  Do as many as you can in one set, then take a 10 second rest and finish until you have reached 150 push-ups.  Do not take a break for more than 10 seconds.  For a greater challenge, do Close-Grip Push-Ups or Uneven Push-Ups.
  5. After your push-ups, you would do a wall squat and hold the position for 2 minutes.  Pretend you are sitting in a chair or whatever else you want to imagine.  Grab your favorite newspaper and enjoy the set!
  6. After your wall squat, grab two weights and do a Farmer’s Walk for 30 yards. You want to be struggling at the end, but maintain good form.
  7. Next, do a six inch leg raise and hold it for 2 minutes.  You would lie on your back and get in the same position you would be in when you do six inch pulses for your lower abs.  Make sure you keep your legs straight and do not let your legs touch the ground.
  8. Last, do a two minute set of plank.  Keep your body straight and keep your back flat.

Enjoy the workout.  If this sounds interesting to you, what are you waiting for?  LET’S GO!

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