23 Jan 2016

Well for everybody out here on the east coast, you may not need us to remind you are snowed in today! However, that does not mean you cannot get a great workout in. This workout can be done with just a mat or thick carpet. All you need is some motivation, good music, and your bodyweight! However, weights are optional if you have them. We strongly encourage you to use them! This is our SNOWED IN WORKOUT!

Start off with the warm-up as pictured below:

snowed in warm up
Do each exercise back to back with no break in between. After this warm-up you should be ready to exercise!

For the main workout, complete each exercise for the sets allotted before moving on to the next exercise. The only exception will be Push-Ups and Squats. Do each exercise back to back for 3 sets with no break in between before moving onto the Jumping Jacks. Try to go through each exercise with minimal break. Take a little break here and there if you need to. For Plank to Push-Up, take a 30-45 second rest between each set. Take a 1-2 minute rest after you are done with the strength and cardio before moving onto the core exercises. Do the core exercises back to back with little to no rest two times each.

snowed in workout

Enjoy your workout today and stay safe during Winter Storm Jonas!  

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