01 Apr 2014

Often, the biggest barrier to reaching our physical goals is OURSELVES. So much of reaching your goals is mental. Sometimes it is facing your fears as long as it is safe to do so. Understand that the workouts are meant to be a challenge. Results are not easy as a lot of these made for TV commercials will lead you to believe with their latest gadget or gimmick. They are easier with the proper motivation and structure, however. Results are achieved through tried and true exercise routines that have withstood the test of time and survived long after the ab belts and Shake Weights had their 15 minutes of fame, soon to be covered in 15 years of dust, if not thrown away.

I have challenged myself many times. I tell my clients about my first 5K story where I finished last place out of nearly 300 people. I had ran my best mile time (at least at the time as a freshman in high school), starting out in first place. Little did I know, I did not pace myself for the endurance level I was on at that time. When that second mile hit and I started up that first steep hill, I started walking. I felt like quitting during that race. After speaking with my coach, she encouraged me to stick with it and that I WILL GET BETTER. I vowed never to get last place ever again. I never did again. I was also a twig. I could not bench press the 45 pound bar. I could not do one pull-up. I got shoved into a locker (yes, I could fit into one). I was not exactly an athletic specimen. Fast forward a few years, and I of course, gained a lot of bad weight. When I was losing weight, I did WHATEVER IT TOOK. There was no way I was giving up. Running out of breath walking from class to class was not going to be an option for me any longer.

More recently, as you may know I had low back issues for two years. Thankfully, I recovered, but not without a lot of proactive exercise and therapy. I was scared to deadlift as a result, because I was afraid I was going to throw my back out again (even though I injured it outside of the gym, as a result of poor training habits, and probably not the most ideal work conditions). As a trainer, I would even seek out motivation for this one. Thankfully, the encouragement helped start me off slowly, but laid down the foundation to start deadlifting on a regular basis. I knew it was one of the most beneficial exercises for muscle growth and back strength out there. Now, I look forward to deadlifting twice a week. I look like a crazy maniac when I’m doing it with my music blasting at high levels, but after I finish, I am smiling like Hines Ward.
I got that smile the other day, watching clients progress. Like one of my strength training clients benching 265 pounds yesterday, getting closer to his 300 pound goal, or another client running a half mile non-stop for the first time ever and being more mobile every time I see her. The inner beast inside is what needs to be unleashed in each and every person, whether I do it in a comforting voice, or I sound a little like Stone Cold Steve Austin

I’ve been told a thousand times I cannot do this and I cannot do that. If I listened, I’d still be 5’8 and probably 110 pounds like I was in high school or worse, I could have continued increasing my freshman 40 at school.

Enjoy the day and keep working toward the best YOU ever!


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