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Characteristics of The Best Pre-Workouts


The only way you can combat the sedentary lifestyle we have today is by working out. There’s no better feeling than when you see your body reach its full potential. A couple of decades ago, almost every country had mandatory military service.

Usually, boys in their teens were taken away from their homes, and they had to do physical exercises for three to six months. This type of tradition was ingrained in society for more than three thousand years. The ancient Spartans were famous for taking boys at the age of seven and turning them into men by the time they were eighteen. Click here to read more.

Throughout history, people have known and valued the results that come from testing the body. Now, there’s no mandatory military service, and many people spend their youth in front of a screen, never finding out how much potential they actually have stored in them. It’s much easier to binge-watch a series on Netflix than to go to the gym and spend an hour lifting heavy weights.

Well, because motivation is a massive issue in today’s population, pre-workouts were invented. They work in a similar way as energy drinks. They get your body pumped up and ready to go. Your blood starts flowing, and you feel more energetic. This makes going to the gym a priority, and this is a way that you’ll never miss another workout.

What are the characteristics that make the best pre-workouts?

How many times have you made a promise to yourself, and then you didn’t follow it through? The number may range from a few hundred to a few thousand. The promise might be about learning a new skill, starting a side hustle, or going to the gym on Monday.

Usually, people have a hard time keeping the promises they make to themselves. With the holidays approaching, you should know that most of New Year’s resolutions fail. Only 8 percent of those resolutions follow through. And the way that happens is that the habits start forming a month before the year closes off.

So, this will be a great time to get a gym membership, as well as a pre-workout to keep you on track. If you haven’t exercised in a while, the first time is going to be difficult. You might have fun at first, but the following day you’ll feel extremely sore.

Every part of your body will hurt. That’s because most people set unrealistic goals, and they want to get quick results. If you haven’t been lifting weights for a while, getting a pre-workout like Nuclear Armageddon before you start will improve your performance quite quickly. Pick one that has creatine monohydrate.

This is a supplement that gets absorbed into the system almost instantly. It also helps in boosting strength as well as muscle gain. However, the main reason you should look for supplements that have it is that it decreases recovery time and speeds up the entire process.


The reason behind this is simple. If you don’t feel a burning sensation the day after you go to the gym, it’s going to be more likely that you’re going to want to go there again. That’s especially true after a hard leg day. Everyone knows how bad it feels not to be able to walk straight or not being able to climb up a flight of stairs.

Other ingredients to look for

Apart from creatine monohydrate, there are some other ingredients you could look for. The first one on the list is caffeine. This is a no-brainer. Whenever you’re feeling sleepy early in the morning, you drink a cup of coffee, and it wakes you up.

It’s the drug we’ve all agreed to use because it gives us the energy to follow through an eight-hour shift. Well, the main reason coffee works is because of the caffeine. This substance is also added into pre-workouts to give you the energy and jumpstart your body before you pump some iron.

However, you need to approach supplements that have it carefully. If you don’t intake any caffeinated products daily, you won’t have any issues with it. But if you sip on coffee like its water, then you might impair your sleep, increase your blood pressure, and start noticing signs of anxiety.

Make sure you read the ingredients label to check how much of this compound is present in the supplement. Usually, the amount should be somewhere around 250 – 500 milliliters of caffeine. That’s the same as one to two cups of coffee. View this link for more info

Another interesting ingredient that gets a lot of attention is nitric oxide. This is a substance that our bodies naturally produce. It improves blood flow and relaxes our blood vessels. If you want to naturally enhance the levels, then you need to drink a lot of beetroot juice.

However, scientists crafted away around it, and they created two compounds called L-arginine and L-citrulline. These two have the same properties as beetroot juice, and they are present in almost all pre-workouts on the market.

Before you go out and get a ton of supplements, you should know that nothing can replace a great diet. Even if you have the most expensive protein powder in the world, it won’t matter if you eat three hamburgers a day.

Make sure to add some fruits and vegetables to your diet, and reduce the amount of carbonated drinks per week to a minimum. Combine that with a bit of supplementation, and you’ll be on the way to get the ideal body you’ve always wished for.


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