23 Apr 2020

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by Jennice Spence March 22, 2020
Well, it officially happened. We are under a lock down. Schools and daycare centers are closed and all non essential personnel are working from home if they are able. The Coronavirus (COVID 19) strand has shut down the world, mostly China and Europe at first but now is affecting the United States. This is scary not because of how many cases are known in America, but the unknown symptoms and threat it has on various people in our community.
As you know my husband and daughter have eczema, which now is a common autoimmune disease that we are controlling through diet and holistic ointments. However with the ongoing threat of this new strand, I have gone in high alert mode. Cleaning the house with disinfectants and some of my home remedies have been the first line of defense in this war to protect my family’s health. I am currently 7 months pregnant and have found that my immune system is also compromised according to the recent studies.
So what’s the solution in all this madness? There is no protocol or vaccine. No concrete symptoms to go by and a wide range of cases from all walks of life and backgrounds.
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How to Alkaline your body


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by Jennice Spence on March 22, 2020
I truly believe that those who concentrate alkalizing their bodies are going to be low risk of catching, let alone dying from this disease. This means creating an environment in your gut that is not too acidic and does not cause an overproduction of mucus.
The small obscure image you see above is my grocery list. I’ll let you know why this is important. On the left side you will see blueberries, cherries and even green onions. This is only a small portion of the list I have created of high alkalizing foods that bring the body back into a neutral state. Likewise on the right you will see another list. Foods such as tomatoes and oranges although rich in vitamins A and C still have a highly acidic nature in the body, not to mention things like sodas and processed sugars should be avoided at all times.
Eczema is a disease that affects the immune system and gives you what is known as a leaky gut. Undigested food particles and toxins are able to flow into the bloodstream through the lining of the intestinal tract. The Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that stresses the lungs. Without proper circulation of oxygen throughout the body a flare up of eczema could be all the more devastating.
This disease has no bounds with race, age, or social status. We are truly all in this together and need to respect the social distancing restrictions set in place to keep those at high risk safe.
Live Healthy one day at a Time.
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