30 Dec 2018

Hello, everyone. So far we have embarked on the importance of sleep and some dietary plans, but now I would like to go further into our health journey and discuss exercise. Yes, one thing we know we all need, but dread to make a priority.
I’ve learned throughout the years that establishing a good workout routine can jumpstart other good habits in life. And while providing for a little one there’s no better motivation. I mean we all want to see our children be healthy and have a great life, that’s why I’d like to share with you Jenna’s Work Out routine!
I have to silently laugh at myself for this because I’ve turned into my mother. “I’m training you to do better than me.” She would say. Looking back in hind sight I see it was all out of love and self reflection that did ultimately makes us better and strive for perfection. And with so much information available and education available there’s no excuse for myself or Jenna.
So today, I will go through the baby routine I have for Jenna at 6 months and give you the basis and reasoning of why I chose to focus on those particular movements.

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1) Sit ups- I love this exercise. It really trains her core and allows her to stretch her arms and legs as well. I start off by laying her on her back and then I reach out with a loving smile as she reaches for me in return. I grab her little hands and allow her to sit up as much as she can on her own, then I let her sit up and balance herself. We repeat this process at least 10 times twice per day. I like this exercise because it incorporates her milestone of sitting up on her own.
2) The Roll- Again, I lay Jenna onto her back and stretch her arms and legs straight. I position myself to the side. I let her roll to me once or twice and then position her on her back. After about 4 rolls, I go to the other side and call her name. She then rolls over to other side. This move strengthens her abdomen and her back. I notice that over time she began to pick up speed and accuracy in the direction she moved.
3) The Crawl- No, Jenna cannot quite crawl yet, however she is learning day by day. I place her on her belly on the carpet and position her arms straight ahead of her. After about a second she looks around and pushes her knees into an upward position. I stand in front of her and call her name with a big smile and my hands opened. Jenna will rock back and forth in an “attempt” to crawl forward. She has even made progress by moving backwards. This exercise really strengthens the core as well and helps teach her to align her back and neck as she moves.
4) The Jump Jump- This is my favorite. Every day after Jenna’s nap, I place her in a red jumper in the Kid’s Club at Gold’s Gym. She sits in the seat and looks around at all the little toys around her. I stand in front of her and say “jump jump Jenna!” She starts to move her legs up and down and the fun and laughter starts. I allow her to do this as long as she can. This stimulates her cardiovascular system and repository system which is so important to a baby’s growth as it promotes more oxygen flow to the brain and other organs of the body.
Well, that’s it. Not too difficult, but effective for our Jenna. Try to do these at least once per day with your baby and you may begin to see your child make more definite strides in their milestones in development.

Live Healthy one day at a time

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