15 Apr 2014

As I started lifting heavier weights and doing more pull-ups, I was gaining strength in the areas I wanted to build. However, something was preventing me from getting to the next level. My puny forearms were a big reason. I remember when people who only saw me in suits or dress shirts thought I was just skinny, because they saw just my wrists and forearms. When I wore a short sleeve shirt, most people were shocked that my arms were a lot bigger than they would’ve pictured judging by my forearms. I hated my forearms and wrists. Something needed to be done, and I was sick of squeezing a hand grip forever. I could not keep my grip on certain exercises like pull-ups, lunges, and deadlifts. I also struggled the last time I attempted to scale a rock climbing wall. I did some research on forearm workouts. I kept hearing about the Farmer’s Walk. I read about the Farmer’s Walk on several websites, including Water Polo Planet’s website.
It is the exact exercise I needed to help get myself over the puny wrist and forearm hump. This exercise is featured in strongman competitions. The Farmer’s Walk is also overlooked, since I never saw anybody in the gym do this workout. Very few of my friends in fitness had done these. Yet, it is VERY functional, because we lift things every single day whether we are in the gym or not. We carry suitcases to travel. Some of us carry grocery bags across several blocks, especially for those of us who live in major cities. You try to rush to the Metro (for the DC folks) with a lot of bags. Trust me, it isn’t easy. It takes quite a bit of functional strength. My forearms are burning after carrying everyday items for long distances.
All you have to do is pick up two heavy dumbbells and hold one in each hand. Then, you simply walk with them. You should be able to walk with the dumbbells for 30 seconds to 1 minute before you absolutely need to set them down. There are other variations of the Farmer’s Walk, but this one is the most popular variation, and it is the exercise that will blast your forearms the best. You also build strength in your upper back, shoulders, legs, and core as well. Make sure you set the weights down correctly when you are done so you do not risk injury to your lower back.

Here is a video of myself demonstrating the Farmer’s Walk. It has really helped in every aspect of my personal weight lifting gains. I have every strength training client do the Farmer’s Walk when they are past the stabilization phase of their training.

If only I had known about the Farmer’s Walk as a kid, hauling those 40 pound water jugs for boy scout camping events would have been a breeze! You can use 40 pound water jugs for your own workout if you like or you can get heavier dumbbells RIGHT HERE and start building your forearm strength today!

The photo below is a picture of the Farmer’s Walk being used in competition.
Farmer's Walk
Do yourself a favor and grab some heavy weights and start walking right now! Let’s GO!

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