09 Jan 2020

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Live Healthy One day at a Time
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by Jennice H. Spence, Jan. 1st 2020

Hello again, and welcome to the new year. 2019 presented plenty of challenges and obstacles that have made my family and I stronger than ever.

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This past year my family and I have been able to do so much more physically since Jenna’s first birthday. Her independence has allowed Isaac and I to travel, go on more dates and keep with a strict To Do list. However, in the midst of everything‚Ķ..we got pregnant… again! This was certainly a shock, but also a pleasant surprise for everyone. Along with the news of the new baby, 2020 comes with a fresh wave of energy ready to tackle new goals and visions.
Throughout this journey, I have been able to research and come up with many ideas that I think will work for my family, most of which I have put into list form and plan to step by step add to our lives as we see fit and as we see physical positive results to keep us motivated.
Let’s start with the basics of diet this year. Over the past year and a half I have learned so much about the importance of digestion and how it affects so many aspects of your health and quality of life. Much of the food we eat traditionally in our homes and are often accustomed too are, to say the least, not great for our digestion. But we will do a break down of our menu in another article.

For the most part we will be eating leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish. And the entire family will be getting an allergy test.
Jenna recently was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. The funny thing is we never had peanuts or peanut butter in the house. About a year ago I noticed that peanut butter and cooking with peanut oil gave me terrible acne breakouts. Because we are now aware of a lot of our skin sensitivities we have set a family goal to get an allergy test for all 4 of us in 2020. Staying on top of these certain issues is important and will benefit us in our overall performance this year. We no longer want to ingest food that contains protein we cannot break down.
Isaac has been practicing Kung Fu on Sunday mornings and does a work out routine in the evenings to stay in shape. In addition to building muscle, Isaac has a goal to boost his metabolism with exercise and intermittent fasting. According to my husband, there is no magic to losing weight, only consistency.
Last but not least, I plan to keep my body in shape after the pregnancy and keep my hair and skin moisturized and healthy.
This year I’m going to update you on all the progress our family is making and be very careful to explain what works this year and what seems to be a waste of time. I don’t think this will be very easy at first but as time goes on we should settle into these new habits without having to think about them. Go Spence Family Go!
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Live Healthy one Day at a Time.

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