29 Sep 2017

You often use your feet for all the walking and running that you do every day. However, you also often neglect them when it comes to our health and beauty routines. It’s essential to keep your feet and toenails in tip-top condition. You need to care for your feet and toenails by having good hygiene. Also, you should pamper them to heal soreness and callouses. Especially, get medical attention when necessary. Read the article to know how to care for your feet and toenails.


1. Practicing Good Hygiene
Make sure to wash your feet daily. Your feet will become dirtier and sweatier than other parts of the body. Therefore, you should make good sanitary habits. This also helps to stop you from carrying dirt into your bed.

  • Use soap to wash your feet in the warm water in order to cleanse your feet of sweat, bacteria, and dirt. It’s also important to wipe them gently with a towel afterward.
  • Clean your toenails as well. Especially, you need to take the time to clean your toenails once you bathe your feet.

Moisturize your feet every day. It’s great to use foot cream or lotion regularly. In order to achieve soft and moisturized feet, you should rub some lotion or petroleum jelly before you go to bed. Then, wear socks. Sure, you will weak up with very soft feet.
Wear the right footwear for the occasion. Wearing the right shoes can help stay your feet healthier as well as keep them clean, comfortable, and dry.

  • Come to breathable sandals and footwear in the summer to keep your feet cool. Avoid wearing shoes making your feet hot in the summer if you don’t want to end up with odor or a fungal infection.
  • Use waterproof boots and socks in the winter to keep your feet warm. Sure, you will get frostbite if you choose footwears that don’t keep them warm enough.

Get rid of odors. Many people have to face odor caused by harbor bacteria that creates a smell. If you can deal with your foot odor, it’s time to make them smell better right away.

  • Changing your socks more often is essential. You are encouraged to wear an extra pair of socks with you to decrease the odor that builds up, especially when they tend to sweat a lot during the day. Remember to change your socks if these socks get damp with sweat.
  • Keep your shoes clean. Make sure that sweat and bacteria don’t build up in shoes. It’s necessary to clean your shoes regularly. Sometimes, you also need to get new shoes in order to reduce odor.
  • Try foot powder. It’s great to try sprinkling foot powder, talcum powder, or baby powder in your shoes before putting them on.

Keep them dry. Athlete’s foot and other foot fungus will grow in moist conditions. However, you can prevent these afflictions thanks to a few tweaks in your hygiene routine.

  • It’s important to change your socks regularly. This can help to prevent all kinds of foot-related issues. You need to change your socks often if you sweat a lot in order to protect your feet from fungus.
  • Use foot powder. You can use foot powder to keep your shoes clean and dry.

Shower safely. You have to take precautions when showering in a locker room or another public place to protect your feet from someone else’s foot fungus. Don’t step into a public shower if you don’t have any protection on your feet.

  • You should wear flip flops when showering in locker rooms as well as a public shower.
  • Also, don’t share your shoes with others.

Trim your toenails properly. To keep your toenails strong and healthy, it’s essential to trim them every few weeks. However, you shouldn’t trim them too short in order to avoid ingrown toenails or an infection.
2. Giving Yourself a Pedicure
Give your feet a pedicure every two weeks. You can’t forget to keep your feet soft and free from rough skin and dry. At the same time, keep your toenails neat and clean in your pedicure routine. In fact, you can do your own pedicure at home without spending a lot of cash.

  • Massage your feet first. This is really important before you start your pedicure if your feet tend to be sore.
  • In order to loosen the tight muscles, you should press into the soles of your feet by your thumbs.
  • Then, stretch your toes. By stretching them out, you can ease tightness and soreness.

Soak your feet in the lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. It’s better to add a few drops of essential oils or Dead Sea salts in order to soften hard skin respectively and keep the feet smelling good. Also, you can soak them for longer to get more relaxation as well as extra hydration for your feet.
Attend to your toenails. If you want to make your trimming your nails easier, it’s needed to trim them while they’re still soft from soaking. Avoid trimming them too short or straight across. Push your cuticles back toward your skin thanks to an orange stick. Then, rub some cuticle oil on your nails so as to keep them moisturized.
Moisturize your feet. Moisturize your feet from time to time. It’s necessary to apply cream and lotion to protect your skin.
3. Addressing Foot Problems
Correct an ingrown toenail. You can deal with this foot affliction at home. It can easily become infected. So, be careful! It’s important to clip the toenail straight across. Use a tiny ball of cotton for sliding under the ingrown part in order to prevent it from growing deeper. Also, remember to change the cotton every day.
Treat foot fungus. You may be are suffering from athlete’s foot if you have chances as well as the itchy rash. Get over-the-counter creams to treat athlete’s foot and other fungus. Moreover, change your socks often. You should also go to see a doctor if needed.
Stop bunions before they get out of hand. If the bone on the side of the foot has to face stress, you may suffer from a bunion. This condition can cause pain if you don’t find the way to treat. The main reason is wearing wrong shoes that are too pointy at the top.
See a podiatrist if you have foot pain. It’s time to see a podiatrist if the pain doesn’t go away.

In conclusion, your feet will feel better thanks to spending just a few minutes a day. Also, you need to give your feet some extra attention. Consider our ways so that you can prevent foot pain and soothe existing foot-related issues.

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