31 May 2018

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What do you look for from a relationship? Many people try to find their identity in relationships while others use this chance to build themselves. Being in a toxic relationship can be degrading yet some people still stay with the hopes that things will improve.
In most cases, toxic relationships do not get better but end up draining one into frustration and depression. People struggle to leave their partners due to the fear of being alone while others don’t want to be the main topic of discussion among their friends. A toxic bond, however, takes up the best years of your life and leaves feeling not good enough. We will help you get out a poor relationship by giving you the strategies to implement.
Write down the reasons why you must break the ties.
They say that love is blind. It has a way of making us not notice the flaws of others. These flaws may, however, be too significant to ignore. It could be you are dating someone influencing you to use drugs or steal for them. Your friends may not have approved your relationship due to noticing the flaws. Be honest with yourself and jot down everything that is making your relationship toxic. It may be preventing you from connecting with family members and friends.
Rehearse your last conversation with them
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Coming up with words for the break up helps you gain confidence before you face them. Write down what you will say outlining the reasons for your decision. You can practice with a close friend as you seek advice from them. Let your message be clear about why it is not working and what you expect from a healthy relationship. This prevents you from being swayed around by their convincing words to try and hold you back.
Select an open place to have the talk

Toxic relationships can end badly if your partner does not know how to control their emotions. Finding a public place to talk will prevent them from hurting you if they don’t take the news positively. Don’t break up with someone over the phone. This mode is often not taken seriously unless your safety is at stake. Don’t feel guilty breaking up with someone over a video call if they are likely to turn abusive.
Listen to their side of things

Getting two sides of a story helps one decide rationally without jumping to conclusions. During your break up talk, listen to their viewpoint before walking away. This is not a way of finding a reason to stay but understanding everything before letting go. If they turn to insults or threats, move away from the toxic relationship without regretting your decision.
Know your limits
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Set rules for yourself to prevent going back to the person. Let them know that they are prohibited from visiting your home. Come up with standards and stay disciplined to your decisions so that your ex can understand that you are serious.
Seek help

You may have been influenced by a partner to try out drugs. Taking substances to please your partner shows that the relationship is toxic. Break drug tolerance by getting help from https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/local-rehab-resources/florida/. Such facilities help you not get addicted to drugs and teach you better ways of raising your self-esteem after the break-up.
Break any form of communication with them

Moving on from an ex is only possible if you don’t try to reach them through your phone. To avoid temptations of checking how they are doing, delete their contacts without feeling guilty. Unfollowing them on social media will also make you heal quickly to able to move on. Give yourself a small reward for every day that passes without you satisfying the urge to call them. This habit will make each day more bearable until you can finally detach your emotions from them.
If you did everything as a couple, change your schedule to avoid bumping into them at familiar places. If they continue harassing you, use phone settings to block them at different platforms so that they can’t access you.
Know when you are being manipulated
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The reason why many ladies keep on going back to toxic relationships is that they do not differentiate between manipulation and reality. Your ex may be a classmate who you cannot avoid since you share classes or a colleague at work.
They may, however, play mind games on you by pretending to have changed their poor behaviors. Recognizing fake actions will prevent you from falling into their trap. Others go to the extent of spreading false gossip so that you don’t get a suitor and become desperate. Someone who uses such malicious acts should not be part of your life.
Confide in a friend
Most people in a toxic relationship tend to isolate themselves from caring friends since they may feel that one is jealous of their relationship. Not everybody is out there to steal your man from you. Find someone you trust to tell them what you have been going through. Leaning on a friend prevents you from making poor decisions and makes you reduce stress levels. Learn to trust people and let them in to avoid emotional torture.
Fill the emptiness with something constructive
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It is normal to feel empty during the first few weeks of a toxic relationship. You may questioning and self-doubting yourself wondering if you are capable of surviving alone. Fill this void by doing things that keep you busy. If you stay idle, you may start remembering painful things that affect your emotions. Develop a new hobby and spend your days improving your skills. You can also use this time to connect with other people so that you don’t feel like it is impossible for you to love again.
Final thoughts
Getting past a toxic relationship is not easy. Such relationships become on and off for years. They degrade a person and make them feel worthless. Do not let a fellow human being define your future. Understanding that you are stronger than their actions will help you finally break the chain. Use the tips above and find someone who deserves your love. Good luck! In addition, take a look at this resource: https://montemlife.com/how-hiking-helps-anxiety-and-depression/ It shows you some ways hiking can help with some of the issues mentioned in this article.

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