28 Mar 2020

We have all undergone big changes in our lives in the past two weeks in order to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our world safe.  Gyms have closed down out of necessity, along with many other businesses.  New routines in every aspect of life are being developed, and hopefully it is not the new norm for us.  With CASS Fitness for the most part being a mobile personal training company, we have had to adjust slightly.  The apartment, condo, and office gyms have also shut down just like the big gyms have, and we do travel to a decent amount of them.  Otherwise, we either travel to clients’ homes or to the parks.  With the necessity of social distancing, we are not traveling to homes unless it is okay with a client.  For the most part, we are still doing our park sessions, and have even added more for displaced apartment, condo, or office gym clients when the weather cooperates, which thankfully it has for the most part.
That brings us to our Virtual Personal Training services.  Many of our clients have switched to this platform during this time.  We are still providing the usual workouts we provide our clients face to face but through outlets like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others.  We still program the workouts, provide the interaction and motivation, and accountability they are used to.  We can also check form like we normally would.  It is still very important for them to keep their workout routine as normal as possible and as many of you know workouts of any kind are an excellent stress reliever!  Some clients have home gyms, but if you do not, there is no need to worry.  We have been providing lists of recommended equipment and programming exercises with just bodyweight if the equipment has not arrived yet.  You can get a good full body workout with bodyweight as well as an intense cardio routine!


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We are not new to the virtual world, as we have provided online personal training services already.  I personally have been training a couple clients who have moved out of the DC area virtually for the past couple years.  They are still reaching new heights in their workouts!  I also have a client who spends half the year in California, so we are virtual half the year and in person the other half.  Virtual training was never the forefront of who we are, but times have shifted it to becoming the forefront for now.
We also have another service, in which we write customized programs for clients using the Trainerize software, which all clients of ours have.  This typically does not involve a one on one session of any type, but can be part of a hybrid option in which a client does an assessment or extra workout to make sure they are doing everything correctly.  The software provides explanations and videos about every exercise, which I spent a lot of time customizing every chance I got.  We also set a time to message each of these clients every week and may ask for videos (ex. if we want to see their Deadlift form, a client can send us the video, and we can correct their form if needed.) This option may be the best if your workout times change frequently with schedules and it is hard to have a set routine.
One of our most successful clients, Andy V. has actually been doing the second option for the past few years.  He originally was a one on one client of mine, but he lived in Virginia and started going to school further west in the state and worked different shifts.  It was impossible for us to schedule sessions, but he was the reason we began the digital part of our service.  He lost over 50 lbs with me and has since switched to a lean muscle building routine with us.


To learn more about how we can help you, feel free to book a call here:
Or you can send us an email at info@cassfitness.net
You do not have to be local in the Washington, DC area for the virtual training service.  We look forward to helping you reach your goals no matter where you live and what resources you have to workout!

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