13 Aug 2014

Doug Conner Jr.

CASS Fitness is proud to announce we are sponsoring an up and coming bodybuilder who will be competing in the 2015 Mr. Pittsburgh contest. Doug Connor is no ordinary bodybuilder. He has a story behind him. Standing at 5’6, Doug once weighed 230lbs., Doug was not in top shape even though he was a consummate athlete. Doug competitively participated in football, basketball, and was even a track star. He had noticed that he had fallen off of his exercise and healthy eating routine the past few years. That fact combined with a job as a Bus Driver for the Pittsburgh Port Authority, which consists of primarily sitting in one place the entire shift, he was burning very few calories. Doug knew if he continued that lifestyle, he would be headed for big trouble.


Doug wanted to lose weight; he wanted to become a competing bodybuilder. He enlisted the help of expert personal trainer and CASS Fitness executive partner Harry (Reese) Griggs . Reese is a fitness guru with over 20 years experience. An avid bodybuilding competitor in the 1980’s Reese has barely slowed down. A believer in practicing what he preaches Reese often pushes even the  CASS Fitness training staff to their physical limits with his customized high intensity workouts. Reese specializes in a brand of weight lifting  that employs not only power lifting but cardiovascular endurance, this style of workout provides fat loss and body sculpting. Doug knows he has a very experienced bodybuilder and motivator helping him meet his fitness goals. Reese, at the age of 55 does not look a day above 30, and he is in phenomenal shape to this very day.


Harry Griggs - Bench Press Contest 2012
Harry Griggs – Bench Press Contest 2012


Doug states that bodybuilding is the first thing for which he truly has a passion. He eats, sleeps, and dreams about bodybuilding.


After two months of training with Reese, Doug dropped down to 188 lbs. Exercise is not the only path Doug is taking toward victory. Doug also tries to eat clean with a maximum of 2500 calories per day. You would find lots of grilled chicken, tuna and vegetables, along with some brown rice in Doug’s kitchen. Doug may have a cheat meal or two during the week, but he wanted to emphasize a “cheat meal”, and not an entire “cheat day”. Doug is also a VERY proud, drug-free bodybuilder.


Reese started Doug off with a lot of 15 to 25 rep exercises to build his muscular endurance and to give him an aerobic workout. Now, Doug is lifting heavy weights with 10 reps or less. Doug has gained pure muscle and now he weighs 203 lbs. Reese wants to get Doug to 210 lbs by February before having him cut to 175 lbs, which he says he has not weighed since 2002, by next May for the Mr. Pittsburgh competition.
Doug wants to win Mr. Pittsburgh and CASS Fitness is here to help! A victory for Doug would mean he would receive  a pro bodybuilding card. He has to place in the top two spots at Mr. Pittsburgh in order to qualify for the nationals.


CASS Fitness will be posting lots of updates, progress pictures, videos, and more detailing Doug Connor’s journey to the Mr. Pittsburgh contest next May.
We welcome you to join us and provide encouragement for Doug!

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