06 Sep 2015


I would like to introduce our newest personal training partner with CASS Fitness, Enitan Falana. I actually met Enitan several months back training a client at the same White Flint Condo complex I train a client at. We would occasionally run into each other as we trained our clients at the same time a few times a month. During my down time, I saw how he interacted with his client. I saw the detailed explanations he gave for every exercise and why he was having his client do those exercises. For this particular client, Enitan used yoga and stretching methods, then blended them in with aerobics and circuit training. The client has been very pleased with her success with Enitan as I have spoken to her on several occasions as she warms up for her workout with Enitan while I wait for my client to arrive. This prompted me to reach out to Enitan and invite him to work with CASS Fitness. Enitan has been very dedicated, in fact, he has taken on a few of CASS Fitness’ current clients and they love his work. He was also a key component into our success at our recent event at 3003 Van Ness Apartments in Washington, DC.

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Enitan, who is certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association), is from Bowie, MD. He will travel west out to Rockville, MD, and south to Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. There is a full list of the cities he travels to here in his trainer profile: http://cassfitness.net/trainers/enitan-falana

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Aside from his desire for personal training and seeing his clients succeed, he enjoys running. Sometimes he loves to sprint and sometimes he loves going on long distance runs, up to 10 miles. He loves taking physical challenges that challenge the body and the mind. It is a pleasure to introduce Enitan and to team up with him as we strive to help transform the lives of our clients.

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