16 Sep 2016

A very common question I come across is whether exercise or nutrition is more important for weight loss.  Well, the answer has multiple parts. In short, nutrition has more impact. It is easier to reduce 500-700 calories in your diet than it is to burn 500-700 calories in a workout right away unless you are a little more advanced in your physical abilities. In addition, with the busy schedule of most people (career, commute, children), it can be tricky fitting in exercise as often as you want to. However, it is easier to fit in good nutrition, even if you are in situations like constant meetings (where there always seems to be junk food readily available), travel (more opportunities to eat on the run), and late nights (when you do not feel like cooking and opt for delivery or highly processed microwave items).

You may potentially be consuming 500-700 calories more than you should be without realizing it. Portion sizes can go a long way to start. Protein shakes with water, a GREAT TASTING PROTEIN POWDER and a shaker are super easy to make and convenient for any time of the day. Meal prepping on your slowest day of the week can help you on days you work late, so you can heat up a nice meal of lean chicken and steamed dark green veggies instead of the Hot Pockets.  You can lose weight without working out.  

Wait, well then why is exercise so important? While you may be able to lose weight with proper diet alone, you still will not see the results you want without exercise.  The sleeve busting arms guys want are created in a workout routine.  Getting your body to look toned and at its best in a bikini or your wedding dress is created in a workout routine.  Abs are made in the kitchen, yes, but core strength is created from exercises such as Planks, Hanging Leg Raises, and Chin-Ups just to give examples.  I have a laundry list of reasons why your training routine is so important!

  • Your training routine will help you burn calories (HIIT workouts in particular will help you burn calories 24-36 hours after your workout)
  • You will look your best.  Exercise creates a muscular appearance
  • You will reduce your stress.  There is nothing like a nice run in the park or hitting the iron to forget about a rough day
  • Reduce your risk for cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase your endurance
  • Reduce your risk of injuries
  • Help you heal from many current injuries (If it were not for my corrective exercise routines, my back would not have recovered from where it was.)


Sometimes, however people tend to consume more calories with a workout routine since you naturally get hungrier after working out.  That is where nutrient dense whole foods come into play.  Nutrition helps a lot in your workout recovery.  Also, proper nutrition helps fuel a workout.  You are not going to expect great results in your workout if you ate a burger and fries an hour before you begin your workout.  Good nutrition and a good workout routine are BOTH necessary for you to see the results you truly want whether you have goals of overall health, weight loss, bodybuilding, or excelling in your sport.  We cover both fitness and nutrition to make sure you receive the results you truly want.  Our certified personal trainers also have a lot of knowledge about nutrition.  If you need meal planning, then we have certified nutritionists who can make a great plan work for you.  It takes both a great workout plan and great nutrition plan to succeed.  To sum everything up, you simply CANNOT out train a bad diet, so even as a personal trainer, I say nutrition is more important for your results.  

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