17 Jan 2020

If you suffer from chronic pain, such as shoulder pain or lower back pain, a physical therapist could help you with special exercises. Many patients use medicine for pain management to control pain and problems from swollen joints but do not use special exercises to improve the physical condition of the affected muscle groups. With physical therapy, you could improve your blood circulation and your physical condition.

Physical Therapy for Pain Management

You can discuss your chronic pain with a physical therapist who can help you with specially designed exercises to focus on your problem areas. If you suffer from foot pain, you could use stretching exercises to stretch the muscles near your toes and ankles. Many patients suffer from chronic pain from metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. If you suffer from back pain, you could use forward-bending, backward-bending and side-bending exercises to stretch your back muscles.

Problems from Chronic Pain that Affect Your Daily Routine

The problems from chronic pain could limit your ability for completing tasks, such as household chores and job tasks. If you have chronic leg pain, you may not be able to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpeting on your upstairs staircase. You would also probably not accept job offers for sales positions or for manufacturing jobs because you would not be able to stand for long periods of time in a store or on an assembly line in a manufacturing plant.


Improved Physical Condition to Help You to Control Chronic Pain

According to Headquarters PT, a Portland physical therapy clinic, you want to get the proper treatment from point A to point B. Part of that is to focus on the muscle groups of where you are having pain. If you cannot get out of a bathtub by lifting yourself with your arms, you could use other muscle groups. Some patients turn over into a crawl position in a bathtub. The patient would then not be lifting up but would be pushing down with the arms to stand up in the bathtub. A physical therapist can help you with unique maneuvers for completing daily tasks.

Benefits from Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

There are several benefits of an improved physical condition. You would have stronger muscles and could control potential problems from compressed joints and from atrophy. With daily exercise, you could also experience a positive mood change because you have accomplished a goal by completing an exercise program. If you use physical therapy to overcome your emotional problems from chronic pain, you could feel empowered with more self-confidence.

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