25 Jan 2017


Hello everyone! I’m back talk to you more about my gluten-free journey, just like I promised at the end of part one. Today we are going to talk about food. I want to start off with gluten-free breads (sigh). I gave it my best shot…I really did! One of the things that I’ve always eaten was Ezekiel bread because it is low glycemic and it tastes great.


My family has a long history of diabetes both on my mother’s side and my father’s side.  I currently do not have diabetes and I need to watch my sugar to make sure it doesn’t happen. One of the gluten-free breads that I tried was called Udi’s (-_-).


It was one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted!  Now mind you, I tried every possible way you could cook bread. I put it in the toaster. I put some agave on it. I even try eating it with my Cabot lactose-free cheese. There was no making this bread taste good.


I even tried making a cheese sandwich.  I used my lactose-free cheese and I melted it onto the bread  or I thought I had melted it onto the bread. I pulled this thing out of my toaster oven and it looked melted. When I grabbed it, I was able to take the cheese directly off the bread.  The cheese melted but it was not melted onto the bread (immediate sadness).  


To make a long story short as far as gluten-free bread is concerned, I am going to opt out for lettuce wraps. Now that doesn’t mean don’t try it!  Please go out and try gluten-free bread for yourself.  Your experience maybe totally different than mine. Next time we’re going to talk about gluten-free pizza.

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