23 Jan 2018


Knee pain can be a real bummer to deal with whether you lead a very active lifestyle as a runner or avid exerciser, or you simply feel specific knee discomfort around walking, kneeling or getting up. While you can opt for the over the counter topical pain cream for your ailment, you may prefer to go with a natural option that doesn’t come filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Check out some of the best options natural options available for treating that nagging knee pain that may have you sidelined.


Ginger Extract


The ginger root found in every grocery store’s produce section has incredible benefits when it comes to joint health and wellness. Your knee may be giving you trouble due to inflammation. When the joint of the ligaments are inflamed, it can be increasingly difficult for it to function as it should. Ginger has a whole host of components called phytonutrients whose entire purpose is to fight off pesky inflammation. Not only is ginger great at eliminating inflammation but it can often impede the formation of genes inside cells that would cause further inflammation.

You can take a ginger supplement daily, or you can get your daily dose of ginger from the fibrous root. Steeping some ginger in tea is an excellent idea as is grating up fresh ginger with lemon and taking a shot of it at the start of your day. Ginger has tons of essential benefits aside from its ability to fight inflammation, but as far as your knee is concerned, it’s a good option.



Apple Cider Vinegar


One of the many benefits and uses of the almighty apple cider vinegar is that it can help speed up the healing of painful knee ailments. If you have suffered a knee injury before and are currently in the healing process, this may be a great option for you as it will strengthen your weaknesses via its enzyme production qualities. The specific enzymes that are produced help to stop the buildup of calcium that can wreak havoc on your joints. Calcium is needed for the bones themselves to be properly strengthened, but unnecessary calcium deposits that settle along joints can cause more pain than good.


Mustard and Olive Oil


Many ancient oils were used as a way to treat a variety of ailments dating back many centuries. Before the advent of current technology and medicine, items that came from the earth doubled as medicine to soothe and heal the body. Mustard oil and olive oil can be a great natural treatment for your ailing knee. Firstly, make sure you can remain still after you’ve applied the mixture. It needs to set in and work its magic for an uninterrupted amount of time. Mix equal parts mustard oil and olive oil and work the mixture into your affected knee. This concoction will help to stimulate the blood flow to the hurt area, which will, in turn, decrease any inflammation that is present, provide pain relief and ease tight or stiff joints. Leave the mixture on for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it off.


Hot and cold compress


Varying temperatures positively impact the health of a joint tremendously. Routinely applying hot and cold compresses can help to aid any swelling or pain you may be experiencing. This method is especially helpful after a long run while wearing a knee strap that helps to minimize patellar movement. Directly following a workout is typically the time when your knee is the most sensitive and activated. So it’s incredibly imperative that you treat the joint accordingly during this period. This can help to mitigate any inflammation or twinges of pain you may feel. Leave each round on your knee for at least 15 minutes or when the temperature starts to lessen and then immediately change to the other compress. It’s best to keep your knee elevated when you administer this treatment.


Foam rolling


An external means of naturally remedying your knee pain is opting for a foam roller and a detailed stretch and cool down routine. Foam rollers are fantastic as they can improve the flexibility of the joint and muscle while also allowing it to loosen which helps to alleviate the pressure that the joint has to suffer through when it’s strained, injured or compromised in any way. You may wonder how foam rolling will help the knee specifically. Well, there are tough fibrous tissues all throughout the leg and properly rolling out your thighs, quads, and hamstrings can lessen the tension and tightness that your knees experience as a result. Loosening up these muscles will improve the overall tracking of the kneecap which will allow it to function better.

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