09 Feb 2017

This is a review of an app called Pact. It would be great to be paid for what you love…or “hate” to do. Well, you can finally! However, the payout will not exactly get you that Lamborghini you have been dreaming about.

What this app does very well is hold you accountable. Each week you can set pacts such as how many times you go to the gym, how many fruits and veggies you eat, and tracking your food with myfitnesspal. You can do one, two, or all three. I personally do the gym and the fruit/veggie pact.

You get paid a little bit for each pact you successfully complete. However, you have to pay for each pact you DID NOT complete. You can set that total to $5 or more for each pact missed.

For the gym sessions, you have to be in a gym (many of which are registered on Pact) for at least a half hour (you can add your apartment or home gym), you can do 10,000 steps with your step tracker (easily done just with the tracker on the newer versions of the smartphone.), or you can use their motion tracker if you workout at a park for example.

For the fruit/veggie pact, you have to take a picture of you actually eating or looking like you are about to eat that fruit or veggie. You cannot grab a photo off of google and use that, plus it keeps track of when you took your photo.  On the downside, the veggie pact may be something you want to hold off on until further notice.  Some of my photos have not uploaded properly over the past few months, and I am not alone in having those issues.  I have put my veggie pact on hold as a result.  

I currently have 5 gym sessions set per week.  I was logging in 28 fruits or veggies per week.  You can challenge yourself more or less the week after. If you know you are going on vacation for instance, you can change the number of gym sessions you do in a week so you do not have to pay. The prospect of paying $165 a week does not sit well with me, so I keep myself on track. I would do so regardless of the fact that I am a personal trainer.

I suggest you set the goals to where they challenge you but not goals that are impossible.

The money earned is dispersed from the money collected from people who did not reach their pacts for the week.

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As far as earning potential, there is not a lot, but it is very easy money. I cashed out at around $10 every month when I was doing both the gym and veggie pact.  Now, it is every two months with just using the gym pact.  It’s a little something for things I do anyways but the financial rewards are not the big focus here. The big focus is accountability and what better way to force you to stay on track than to make you pay money if you do not meet your goals?  I put this app to the test when I vacationed in Topsail Island, NC a couple weeks ago, and there was no gym.  I could have easily laid around on the beach all week in the 75-80 degree weather.  However, I still stayed committed to my workout routine, logging in the 10,000 steps easily from running, and using the motion tracker for when I used my battle ropes, resistance bands, and did bodyweight exercises.

I recommend this app from a personal health accountability stance, however, while I have made I give pact an 6/10.  While the concept and motivation is great, the app has had some flaws.  There are a lot of bugs with very few updates.  Customer service is hit or miss.  Sometimes they are fast to respond, sometimes it can take days.  As I mentioned before, the veggie pact has been experiencing issues, and right now, I would just focus on your gym pact.  

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