24 Sep 2015

The Push-Up is one of the most basic exercises. It is also one of the most effective and underrated exercises. Many people dismiss it because we would do them in grade school. The Push-Up can be incorporated into a very challenging workout.

Not only is it excellent in building your chest, shoulders, and triceps, you can do the Push-Up practically anywhere, eliminating excuses that you could not get to a gym and therefore you were not able to workout.

To do it correctly, lie prone on floor with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. You can turn your hands slightly inwards to help take pressure off of your wrists. Raise your body up off the floor by extending your arms while keeping your body straight. Do not let your lower back sag. Then, lower yourself down, keeping the body straight with your chest touching the ground.

If you cannot do a regular Push-Up yet, then you can perform either a Knee Push-Up, an Incline Push-Up, a Negative Push-Up, or a Wall Push-Up. Also, you can do resistance training to strengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper and mid back, along with proper core training. There are also many great advanced push-ups you can do as well, such as the Triceps Push-Up, the Uneven Push-Up, and the One Arm Push-Up just to name a few.

Challenge your friends and see how many Push-Ups you can do today!

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