11 Nov 2017

When I read on Tuesday about Quest releasing their new Birthday Cake flavor, I was excited. It was unexpected. I like birthday cake flavor anything pretty much! I saw it was a coated bar, which is different from the texture of Quest’s other protein bars. I had moderate expectations, since they did have the Pumpkin Pie bars with the coating a few years back where it crumbled in a million pieces, disappointing a lot of people, prompting a lot of stores to heavily discount the bars just to get rid of them. I figured they probably improved upon that with the Birthday Cake flavor given that we had not seen the Pumpkin Pie flavor the past two years.
My local Vitamin Shoppe had some, and on sale too! I bought two of them. I tried the bar on Tuesday, and immediately I was impressed! First, the coating did not crumble! That was a win in itself. The taste was pretty good. In fact, it could very well end up being my favorite Quest Bar. I would not go as far as saying it is my favorite protein bar ever, but it is one I could see myself regularly eating.

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It was not overly sweet. You could not even really taste the whey protein in the bar. The taste closely resembled actual birthday cake. As you can see in the pictures, it has a look that resembles birthday cake as well.

It is already my number two favorite tasting birthday cake protein treat. Number one is still Lenny and Larry’s Birthday Cake Protein Cookie. I cannot eat the cookies as freely, as the calorie count is a lot higher for them than it is for the Quest Birthday Cake Protein Bar.

The Quest Birthday Cake Protein Bar has 21 grams of protein, 180 calories, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 14 of them being fiber with less than one gram of sugar.

I will have to stock up on these bars as a means to help fight sugar cravings during the holidays when some of my family and friends will be eating cookies, cakes, and all kinds of other things I cannot have on a regular basis to help stick to the 7-8% body fat I try to maintain year round.
I was already asked if you could microwave them for five to ten seconds like you can most other Quest Protein Bars (which I highly recommend if you haven’t tried to do so, just remember to take the wrapper off!). I am not sure with the coating. I may try to microwave the Birthday Cake Protein Bars at some point, but it may melt. I will get back to you with the verdict.

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