16 Jan 2021


Hello readers. Once again I’m coming to you with another article on my constant battle with eczema with my energetic daughter Jenna!


So the thing is…I’m under the impression that eczema flare ups are affected by the weather more intensely than I anticipated. As you all know, I do have a skin care method I use for my daughter that has served me well in the past, however I’ve noticed that with the change from warm temperature to cold, her skin is now beginning to need extra care.  I had become enamored with the idea that she was “cured” from the autoimmune disorder and began to reduce the amount of product I used on her skin and hair.


It’s with a heavy heart that I admit I feel like I’m back to the drawing board and have a number of circumstances that could have attributed to the flare up. Diet, cleaning products, chemicals, pollution, and of course, weather change. I will address all three in future articles and explain to you in detail some of the major changes I have made to protect my family from breakouts.


It is the month of December and it’s cold here in Northern Virginia. Today it was 30° F. Commonly enough most people do experience a bit of dry skin and flaking due to the harsh conditions. So you can only imagine what a person with already dry skin is experiencing. With this information I knew I needed something that would help seal and lock in moisture at a microscopic level. Her oils were “working” however they were not “holding”. For this reason I have chosen to start using rice water on Jenna’s skin. Yes, rice water. Many of you may know this as a protein treatment many women are using to retain length for their natural hair. A Lot of folks are confused because they believe its due to the vitamins and minerals found in rice that it has such a great effect on the hair, and this is partly true, however rice water works because of its ability to coat the outside of the hair shaft creating a barrier between your hair and the outside elements.  I will attempt to use this method and then follow up with you all on the results. 


How to Make Rice Water:


Take one cup of rice, (any will do) and rinse thoroughly.  After rinsing, add two more cups of water to rice and mix with your hand.  Leave the rice in a bowl or jar with the water and let it sit in a cool, dark area covered for 12 to 24 hours.  The rice would have fermented enough to become beneficial. The rice water will have an odor so be aware.  


I have tried this on my face and have gotten clearer skin, and smoother skin. Try this out with me and tell me what you think!  Until then…


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