22 Mar 2015

Here is a sample workout we created that we would like to share with you. In fact, I have been doing it the past three Sunday mornings. It’s a great workout for those of you pressed for time. It is a timed superset workout. There are no breaks until you are done with the timed interval. Do as many sets as you can (with proper form) in the time allotted. Do one exercise, then immediately move to the next one. Once you go down the list of exercises, go right back to the first exercise again. These exercises go back and forth between your pulling (back and biceps) and pushing (chest, triceps, shoulders) muscles. Make sure you do a proper warm up before you start the workout.

The workout goes as follows:

First Superset – 10 minutes

Chin-Ups until failure
20 Tricep Push-Ups

Take a two minute break after this superset. I take it to set up the next group of exercises.

Second Superset – 10 minutes

Dumbbell Chest Press – 20 reps
Seated Dips – 20 reps
Barbell Bent Rows – 20 reps

Take a two minute break after this superset to move onto the third group of exercises:

Third Superset – 10 minutes

Regular Grip Pull-Ups until failure
Dumbbell Bicep Curls – 15 to 20 reps
Push-Ups – 25 reps

Take a two minute break after this superset to move onto the fourth group of exercises:

Fourth Superset – 6 minutes

Weighted Tricep Push-Ups until failure
Seated Row – 20 reps

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