13 Dec 2013

Circuit training is an important type of training for a weight loss client or even a strength training client looking for variety and fat shredding cardio in their workout. Circuit training involves performing several exercises in a row without taking a break. You typically can switch from upper body to lower body workouts so your upper body is recovering as you are exercising the lower body. This circuit is a great way to burn fat quicker than spending 30 minutes in a row going the same speed on the treadmill. Plus, the circuits are exciting and challenging at the same time. The military embraces circuit workouts on a regular basis as a form of overall strength and cardio training.
This is an example of a sample workout I used on a client this evening. The client stretches before I arrive. We apply the foam rolling techniques she has learned, then she does a warm up jog. Then, we do the strength training circuit I outlined in this diagram. The client will do as many reps as she can in that minute allotted for the exercise listed. Then, she will go down the list and do as many reps as she can for each exercise. Next, she hops onto the treadmill and do 10 minutes worth of intervals, changing the speed every 2 minutes. We then repeat the same strength training circuit again, along with another 10 minutes worth of running intervals. We allow a two and a half minute break after each circuit and each 10 minute treadmill run. She will be actively working out for 43 minutes of that session.
Side Note: I’d much rather do the running part outside, but most people are not going to want to train when temperatures are hovering around the lower 20’s.
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Cass circuit sample

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