02 Jan 2019

Three months went by and I watched in anticipation for it. As the weather changed I knew it would come soon. “Please don’t kiss the baby” I would say. “Wrap her feet! ” I shouted to my husband. As time passed I started to get comfortable. Perhaps my daughter has a wolverine immune system I laughed to myself. “Yes, that’s it, angels sing by her crib at night ward off any germs that may attack her.”
Suddenly it happens in the most faint of sounds. “Achoo..” hmmm. It’s just one sneeze. ” achoo ahhh..aaahh choo!  My worst nightmare had come true.
Here is my story about how I dealt with my child’s first cold at 6 months.

Wednesday Dec. 5th 2018 was just a normal day off from work, however just like last week, Jenna and I had plenty of errands to run. First we went to our lactation council meeting. I noticed she was a bit more tired than usual, but nothing outside the ordinary. We went to pediatrics appointment and there they told me Jenna’s new height of 27 inches and a new weight of 15 pounds.
By all accounts baby was growing well. “Any problems or sickness” No I said with pride. Little did I know. It was time to take Jenna’s 6 month shots. I am have always been skeptical about them but my husband and I decided to spread them out over a 3 month period instead of all at once to decrease the chances of side effects. Our pediatrician heard a slight cough and congestion in Jenna’s chest during her check up. She assured us that it wasn’t anything serious but just to monitor it and call if we had any questions. after the shots I packed us up and went to my Uncle’s house.
I started to work on the computer, when I heard three loud coughs from the bassinet. I definitely heard the congestion in the lungs. I hurried to the phone and called my husband Isaac. “Honey, please pick up Vicks Vapor Rub.” I wrapped her in a warm blanket and set her up. Her face was flushed and she was easily agitated. I knew she was feeling bad. She had a slight fever and her nose was running with mucus, all within 14 hours. My husband came home with the Vicks and I placed it on her chest. The doctor previously told me that she was too young to take any conventional medicines, so we had no choice but to let her immune system fight off the virus.
The best thing I could do for her was to make sure my breast milk was full of nutrients and vitamins. I took a vitamin D and chamomile tea as well. I also incorporated leafy greens into my diet. This would insure that she had plenty of magnesium, calcium and protein. The Chamomile tea made sure that she would rest deeply to give her body a chance to rejuvenate.
As you all may know now, Jenna’s father has eczema, and she suffers from dry skin. In the process her skin dried out as well and I used the A&D ointment to soothe her nerves. I monitored her bile movements as well to make sure nothing was array. I called my mother as well and asked if I suffered from any symptoms after my 6 months shots. She told me yes. It is common for your little one to have some reaction to the vaccines.
It has been almost a week now, and Jenna is doing great. It wasn’t always easy, but with patience and a lot of rest and precaution we were able to get through her first cold.

Live Healthy one day at a Time.

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