29 Dec 2015

Stretching your quadriceps is very helpful, no matter what sport you play, what type of exercise you engage in, or if today is your rest day.
The Quadriceps or “Quads” as most of us call the muscle group, consists of the four muscles on the front part of your thigh. Those muscles include the vastus lateralis, the vastus intermedius, the vastus medialis and the rectus femoris.
Quadriceps stretching can benefit you in several ways:
Increase your energy
Improve your blood circulation
Improve your flexibility
Decrease stiffness and tension in your body
Reduce the risk of knee or low back injuries

Here is how you perform the Standing Quadriceps Stretch:
Position yourself next to a wall or chair for balance. This step is optional but it helps, and it is recommended for beginners. Starting with your right foot, bring it back behind you, bending at the knee as you straighten your hip. Grab your right foot with your right hand and pull up, stretching the quad. Switch legs after the stretch.
Quad Stretch
Hold the stretch for 30 seconds after your workout on each leg. If you need to stretch before your workout, keep the stretch to a 2-3 second hold in a dynamic stretch, or a 10-15 second static stretch hold at the maximum to avoid relaxing your muscles before your workout.

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