25 Sep 2015

The Bicep Curl into Step Up is a compound exercise used in some of our fat burning routines for our one on one clients. When time is limited in the day and you need a full body workout and the cardio is not quite enough to help build the physique you have always wanted, here is a way to do so!

Start off in front of a sturdy object (can be a bench at the gym or a park bench) and perform a Bicep Curl. Once you have performed the Bicep Curl, go right into the Step Up. Remember, for the Bicep Curl, keep your abs tight, and do not rock your back. Squeeze your glutes to help protect your lower back even further. Curl both arms upward until they’re in front of your shoulders, then lower the weight in a controlled motion.

For the Step Up portion of the exercise, with your left leg, step up on the bench and press upwards by extending the left hip and left knee while keeping the pressure on the heel.

Stand up on the left foot until your leg is straight. At the same time, drive the other knee up in a high knee position so that the knee is above the hip.

While maintaining your balance, step down, and repeat with the other leg.

After you have completed one repetition of the Step Up, then go back to the Bicep Curl and repeat both exercises for the allotted amount of reps in your workout.

Watch the video below to see how to do the Step Up into Bicep Curl!

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Filming: Beya Johnson Photography (http://www.beyajohnson.com)

Editing: Joesph Wamah

Instrumental – “Flavors” by Yung Ryan (music by Yun6 Canon – http://www.yun6canon.com and King Kasheef of Brotherly Love)

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